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Level Up Your Style in These Fashion Boutique Shops in Bacolod

Looking for a women’s clothes store with fabulous, affordable finds? Look no further!

By: Shanice Reyes | August 26, 2019
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Women in Sugarlandia can now accompany their smile with a sweet style.

Image: Get Spotted Facebook Page

In a city where everybody wears a smile, putting on an outfit that complements the cheerful vibe is only fitting. Whether for a coffee date on an afternoon or a whole day of grinding at work, having an Instagram-worthy look is the new trend. Instead of spending a lot of money shopping for snazzy clothes in malls, why not look for your next outfit in a fashion boutique in Bacolod? You’re guaranteed to find something for you in any of these fashion boutique shops in Bacolod, so check them out!

1. Get Spotted

Location: Lopue's East Centre Burgos-Circumferential Road, Bacolod City
Store Hours: Monday to Sunday, 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Boutique Shop

Stand out with these trends by Get Spotted.

Image: Get Spotted Facebook Page

Get Spotted started as an online retailer in 2012. Within two years, it has rapidly grown and succeeded, resulting in a physical store in 2014. The Bacolod-based brand has served international customers from countries like Australia, Dubai, Japan, Singapore, New York, and Canada.

Get Spotted is a boutique shop owned by a marketing graduate who wants to offer more choices to young fashionistas seeking affordable items. The clothes store sells inexpensive female-designed clothes that maintain style. The brand believes that in a world full of trendsetters, it’s time for you to be a head-turner and get spotted!

2. Dress-Dairy

Where: Mayfair Plaza, 12th St, Bacolod City
Store Hours: Monday to Sunday, 9:30 AM to 7:00 PM

Clothes Store

With Dress-Dairy’s affordable choices, you will never run out of outfits for the office!

Images: Dress-Dairy Facebook Page

Looking for a place to help you ace your professional look? Dress-Dairy showcases a “girl boss hustle” vibe for the ladies who want to spice up their work outfits. This boutique shop is located along Lacson Street, and this store is where outfit hunters can find budget-friendly but chic clothes. Dresses, tops, skirts, and trousers are available—all in high-quality fabric!

As shown in the boutique picture, it is not only for couture talks but also for eco-friendly fashion practices. Dress-Dairy also promotes and sells eco-friendly cloth pads to replace disposable pads.

3. Ella Blithe

Where: 12th Lacson St., Mayfair Plaza, Ground Floor, 4th and 5th boutique, Bacolod City
Store Hours: Monday to Sunday, 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Boutique Picture

This boutique never runs out of cool seasonal pieces.

Images: Ella Blithe Facebook Page

This clothes store is located in Mayfair Plaza. Ella Blithe started as a small stall that sold cosmetics. As the business grew, the owner, Ella Junsay, expanded the boutique shop by offering clothes, shades, slippers, key chains, and anything that could level up or show someone’s style. There’s always a little something for the girls—from fake nails to anti-radiation eyeglasses and aesthetic tops to vintage trousers. If you are a regular customer, this go-to spot can even let you snag discounts!

4. Spirits Boutique

Where: D3 Manuela Building, San Juan street, Bacolod City
Store Hours: Monday to Sunday, 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM

Boutique Shop

Spirit’s Boutique revives bright-colored fashion and lifestyle to Bacolodnons.

Image: Spirits Boutique Facebook Page

You should get a more extensive shopping cart because this shop has many eye-catching items! Besides its colorful clothing line, Spirits Boutique shop sells hand-crafted decors, gift ideas, figurines, and chocolates. Although this boutique’s target audience is women, it also has a small section where men can score polos, socks, and underwear. Its clothes store for women may be typical, but it catches up with the latest trends in the city.

From vintage collections to cute knick knacks, your favorite choices have been listed, so grab your shopping bag and flaunt your style!

Check out Yoorekka to get the scoop on the latest style trends and affordable fashion haunts!

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