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“Namit Gid!” These Best Cakes in Bacolod Are Perfect Pasalubong Back Home

Head to these famous cake shops in Bacolod for your pasalubong needs!

By: Shanice Reyes | March 24, 2023
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Surprise your friends and family with these boxes of sweets!

Images: (from left to right) Brewer’s Ground Facebook page, Irene Jane L Buenamente, Bascon Café Facebook page

Visiting one of the country’s food hubs is quite a gastronomic adventure. From a heavy two-rice meal of chicken inasal (grilled chicken) to the lightest dessert called Napoleones. Not only these best cakes in Bacolod but also the foods that would make you say “Namit gid!” ("Very delicious!”).

But what about the people left back home? You won’t have to worry about them since you can let them taste what thousands of tourists crave: a slice of delicious Bacolod cake. If you don’t know it yet, the city is home to various famous cake shops in Bacolod with established reputations for their cakes and pastries. Here are the top five best cakes in Bacolod that you should bring as pasalubong from the City of Smiles!

1. Blueberry Cheesecake

Where to Buy: Calea
Operating Hours: Daily, 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM
PhP98 per slice
PhP900 whole cake

Best Cakes in Bacolod - Famous Cake Shop in Bacolod - Bacolod Cake, best cakes in Bacolod

The luscious blueberry topping partnered with the cake’s granola base will increase your appetite even more.

Images: Brewer’s Ground Facebook page

Calea is everyone’s go-to recommendation for the best cakes in Bacolod since they offer many choices on their menu. Not only that, but they also have some of the most affordable yummy cakes in town! What stands out as the best cake in Bacolod for the crowd’s favorite is Blueberry Cheesecake. This creamy cake from this famous cake shop in Bacolod has whipped cream on the edge and blueberries on top, taking your taste buds to a sweet heaven. Let’s not forget about the granola on this Bacolod cake which makes a crumbly base for the cake and gives a delicious twist.

How to go to Calea:
If you are located along Bacolod Public Market, take a Homesite-Central Market PUV headed downtown. Get off at the Mercury Drugstore at the corner of Lacson Street and Burgos Street, then ride a Bata-Libertad jeepney going north. Tell the driver to drop you off in front of the L’Fisher Hotel, across from Calea’s entrance.

2. Potato Cake

Where to Buy: Mila’s
Operating Hours:
Monday to Saturday, 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM
Sunday, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM
PhP49 for a slice
PhP85 for squares (6pcs)

Best Cakes in Bacolod - Famous Cake Shop in Bacolod - Bacolod Cake, famous cake shop in Bacolod

Bite-sized potato squares for those who are conscious of their sweet intake.

Images: Irene Jane L Buenamente (L); Richard Mark Padios (R)

Mila’s is a famous bakery known for its trademark delicacy: Potato Cake. It is an original product of Hinigaran, a neighboring town of Bacolod City. Luckily, tourists can conveniently try and take home this sweet snack at Mila’s Bacolod branch. This also made as one of the best cakes in Bacolod dessert made of potato flour, layered with buttercream icing, and topped with crunchy caramel will make your palates dance. You can get bite-sized potato squares that everyone can share at this famous cake shop in Bacolod.

How to go to Mila’s:
From South Ceres Terminal, cross the street and take a Shopping La Salle - Libertad jeepney to the University of St. La Salle. Get off at Robinson Triangle, located at Lopez Jaena St., and walk to the back entrance of the supermarket. Pass by the right side of the building and turn to your left. You will see Mila’s right after the pet store.

3. Baba Cake

Where to Buy: Bascon Café
Operating Hours: Daily, 6:00 AM to 9:30 PM
PhP210 for the 3” cake
PhP710 for the 8” cake

Best Cakes in Bacolod - Famous Cake Shop in Bacolod - Bacolod Cake, Bacolod cake

Secure this cake with care during your trip home—this treasure must be handled well.

Images: Bascon Cafe Facebook page

Dubbed the best chocolate cake in town by locals and tourists, Baba Cake from Bascon Cafe out-tastes others of the same kind. This best cake in Bacolod, coated in cocoa icing and cookies, is worth the calories. One serving is enough for two people, but if you are in for the whole treat, go for it! Bascon Café reigns as one of the famous cake shops in Bacolod in the food industry, so when you take home a Baba Cake, you’re also letting your loved ones take a bite of Bacolod’s cake sweet history.

How to go to Bascon Cafe:
From Bacolod Public Market, visit this famous cake shop in Bacolod, and find a Northbound Terminal PUV going north. Ask the driver to drop you off in front of Rolling Hills Memorial Chapel, then cross the street going to the entrance of Bascon Café.

4. Ube Cake

Where to Buy: Ann Puen Cakes (
PhP1,500 for a 13x9.5-inch cake
PhP1,300 for a 10x3 round cake
PhP1,100 for an 8x3 small round cake

Best Cakes in Bacolod - Famous Cake Shop in Bacolod - Bacolod Cake, best cakes in Bacolod

Allow yourself to indulge in an ube rush and unravel this sweet creation!

Images: ANN PUEN Cakes Facebook page

This best cake in Bacolod of Ann Puen’s Ube Cake meets the sweet satisfaction of ube (purple yam) lovers. Made with boiled and mashed purple yam, the homemade cake features icing made from real ube, which perfectly complements the moist chiffon with custard filling, giving you contentment in every bite of this best cake in Bacolod. You can also make a special request to decorate your cake with greetings or designs.

Ann Puen Cakes doesn’t have a physical store. You can order by calling their cellphone number, 0917 9448431, two days before your departure or occasion. Locations for the meet-ups are discussed after the production of the cakes.

5. Half Moon Cake

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 7:30 AM to 8:30 PM
Price: PhP50 per piece

Best Cakes in Bacolod - Famous Cake Shop in Bacolod - Bacolod Cake, famous cake shop in Bacolod

Tell your loved ones to save room for this creamy dessert.

Image: Pendy’s Facebook page

This luxuriously smooth half-moon-shaped sponge cake covered with egg custard is Pendy’s famous cake in Bacolod for dessert hunters. Bearing a hint of citrus, the creamy chiffon cake will take your tongue on a flavorful adventure. The Half Moon Cake is one of Bacolod cake’s trademarks that you shouldn’t miss out on. One last tip: You might want to take home more than one box of this best cake in Bacolod since Pendy’s Half Moon Cake has a reputation for being addicting!

How to go to Pendy’s:
Going to this famous cake shop in Bacolod, and if you are along Capitol Lagoon, take a Bata-Libertad bound north. Ask the driver to drop you off at Pendy’s beside the memorial chapel. You will see the entrance on the right side of the monument grounds.

Should you go home without bringing any of the best cakes in Bacolod? It’s clear that the answer is no, so stack those cake boxes on your way back!

For more pasalubong recommendations or guides on the best restaurants to visit and the best cakes in Bacolod, head over to Yoorekka Magazine!

This article was initially published in Yoorekka on November 12, 2019.

Prices may change without prior notice.
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