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This is How Rooster Cafe Makes Your Dining Experience Safe

See what one of the most picturesque restaurants in Negros is doing right!

By: Shanice Reyes | July 01, 2020
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September 2020 update: Note that Bacolod City is under modified enhanced community quarantine until September 30, and this restaurant might have adjusted operating hours under the city's new status. Please contact the branch before visiting.

Rooster Cafe

Looking for a safe place to dine at during quarantine? Rooster Café will sate your cravings and make you feel safe.

Image: Rooster Cafe & Resto Facebook Page

Foodies in Negros Occidental, here’s good news for you: restaurants in the province were finally allowed reopen! To resume operations, establishments only have to follow some conditions, including operating under fifty percent of the capacity and requiring masks inside. One of the greatly missed restaurants that reopened to the public is Rooster Cafe & Resto. Located in Barangay Guimbalaon, Silay, the cafe is known for its open-air setup and countryside views.

In pandemic-ridden times like this, customers need to feel safe when dining in restaurants. Rooster Cafe & Resto not only knows this but also successfully addresses it. Want to know how it does so? Read on and find out how the resto keeps its diners feeling at ease as they gaze at the views and savor delicious Filipino offers.

Safely protocols before entry

Negros, countryside views

The designated entrance has a sanitizing station.

Image: Rooster Cafe & Resto Facebook Page

At the entrance, you will be required by the staff to wash your hands, have your temperature checked, and leave your name and contact details before entering. The establishment has installed an outdoor sink shaded by a colorful umbrella where diners can wash their hands. Visual reminders at the restaurant’s entrance are also in place. There are also plastic chairs outside where incoming customers can wait in case the 50 percent capacity is maxed up.

Staff in protective equipment


Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are the different types of menus you can choose from.

Image: Rooster Cafe & Resto Facebook Page

After you’ve disinfected your shoes on the sanitizer mat, you can proceed to order at the restaurant’s counter. A transparent cover is put up on the counter to protect customers and the staff while ordering and paying. To make sure your food and interactions with the personnel are safe, Rooster Café’s staff members are also required to serve customers in protective gear like face masks and face shields.

Social distancing setup

delicious Filipino offers, Restaurants in Negros

Their friendly and accommodating staff will assist customers to their comfortable seating areas.

Image: Rooster Cafe & Resto Facebook Page

Lastly, the establishment redesigned the place to give enough space to separate groups. Since social distancing isn’t going away soon, Rooster Cafe & Resto switched its attention to adjusting the setup of its tables and chairs. There are also areas with floor cushions and existing barriers that separate customers from each other.

With the mentioned safety measures above, it’s clear that Rooster Cafe & Resto has done everything right to make dining in feel safe even during a pandemic. The great views, the fresh breeze, and the scrumptious delicacies offered in this cafe are a well-deserved treat for those who want to unwind.

Rooster Cafe & Resto is located at Barangay Guimbalaon, Lantawan, Silay City. It is open every day from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM.
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