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5 Restaurants to Call When You Need Local Comfort Food in Bacolod

Enjoy these homegrown foods without leaving your house!

By: Shanice Reyes | May 21, 2022
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In Bacolod, rainy days get better with KBL, Cansi, and more!

Images: Super Batchoy House (L); Sandok Comfort Food (R) Facebook pages

The rainy season in Bacolod is a reason to relax and enjoy the cold weather with homegrown flavors. Bacolodnons request and crave flavorful bowls of Cansi, KBL (Kadyos Baboy Lanka), tasty soup, and more at this time of the year. If you want to know where to order homegrown flavors in Bacolod that most locals love, check out the list below!

1. Eron’s Cansi House

Location: #66 Narra Avenue, Capitol Shopping Center, Bacolod City
Open Hours: Monday to Sunday; 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Delivery Options: Call 034 700 3431, Maxim

Order Homegrown Flavors in Bacolod: 5 Restaurants to Call,  Order Homegrown Flavors in Bacolod

Cansi is one of the first dishes that come to mind for Ilonggos on a rainy day.

Images: Eron’s Cansi House Facebook page

Eron’s Cansi House is a homegrown restaurant in Bacolod that serves local favorite comfort foods good on rainy days. Among locals’ go-to dishes is a bowl of Cansi (boiled bone-in beef shank and bone marrow) Soup favored by frequent customers. The restaurant also serves other notable dishes, from seafood choices to grilled meat.

2. Margie’s Lunch

Location: Burgos-Lopez Jaena Street, Bacolod City
Open Hours: Monday to Saturday; 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Delivery Options: Call 034 434 9375, 034 704 7324, Toktok, Maxim, Grab Pabili

Order Homegrown Flavors in Bacolod: 5 Restaurants to Call, Bacolod

Margie’s Lunch blends international flavors with the Filipino cooking style.

Images: MARGIE’s lunch Facebook page

One of Bacolod’s must-try restaurants on a rainy day is Margie’s Lunch! This homegrown restaurant serves a broad range of native Filipino meals, including Pochero, Mechado, Sinigang, and many other dishes that come with a thick sauce. You can also order Embutido, Paella, and Relleno via food delivery services to complete a delicious lunch experience on a cold day.

3. Super Batchoy House

Location: Villa Angela, East Block Building A, Circumferential Road, Bacolod City
Open Hours: Monday to Sunday; 10:30 AM to 7:00 PM
Delivery Options: Maxim, FoodPanda

Order Homegrown Flavors in Bacolod: 5 Restaurants to Call, food

Super Batchoy House is sinfully delicious—enough to heat Ilonggos’ bellies.

Image: Super Batchoy House Facebook page

Cold temperatures are a good excuse to order a comforting bowl of Batchoy (noodle soup with pork offal, beef loin, pork cracklings, egg, and seasoning) from Super Batchoy House. For over 40 years, this original Ilonggo noodle house has maintained the taste and recipe of their batchoy. Their Pan de Siosa, which makes a perfect pair for the soup, is exclusively made by their baker-supplier.

4. Sandok Comfort Food

Location: C-20 Narra Avenue, Capitol Shopping Center, Bacolod City
Open Hours: Monday to Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM, Friday; 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Delivery Options: 034 703 2513, 0917 6390974, Maid in Bacolod, Juan Ride, GrabFood

Order Homegrown Flavors in Bacolod: 5 Restaurants to Call, restaurants near Bacolod

Batwan is a souring agent used by Sandok Comfort Food to enhance foodies’ experience when eating KBL.

Image: Sandok Comfort Food Facebook page

KBL or also known as kadyos (pigeon peas), baboy (pork), and lanka (jackfruit), is a top pick food among Ilonggos on a rainy day in the city. KBL is a soup with tender meat and sour broth. In Bacolod, Sandok Comfort Food is a go-to restaurant that offers KBL; perfect on rainy days!

5. Patapares Cafe by Fat Muncher

Open Hours: Monday to Sunday; 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Delivery Options: GrabFood, Maxim

Order Homegrown Flavors in Bacolod: 5 Restaurants to Call, dishes

While everyone agrees that nothing tastes as good as KBL, Beef Pares comes close.

Images: Patapares Cafe by Fat Muncher

Lastly, one of the perfect dishes on a rainy day is a comforting stew of Beef Pares from Patapares Cafe by Fat Muncher. This satisfying beef stew sets a good mood if you pair it with rice or sotanghon noodles. And to make the experience even better, add a touch of chili garlic oil, kalamansi, and other seasonings!

People generally dislike rainy days; the gloomy weather makes most people lazy. So if you’re craving a homegrown dish while staying in bed, order up from these restaurants!

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This article was initially published in Yoorekka on July 07, 2021.

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