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This First-ever Inflatable Playground Is Negros’ Newest Beach Charm

There’s something new in Negros to look forward to!

By: Mira Maestrecampo | May 18, 2022
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Asiana Beach Resort, inflatable playground, inflatable playground in Negros

Negros is proud to have its first-ever inflatable park located at the South end of the province.

Image: Asiana Beach Resort Facebook page

Summer fun definitely never ends in Negros as new dining spots, and beach resorts continue to open to bring back the enjoyment that Negrosanons and tourists have missed. Places in Negros have boasted the most stunning beaches in the province, such as Sipalay, Cauayan, Hinigaran, Hinobaan, and more in the cities and municipalities of Negros. While some choose to rehabilitate and innovate their own natural beaches, this town in the tail end of Negros thought of something new at a new resort in Negros Occidental with an inflatable playground that giddy up the child in you—the Asiana Beach Resort!

It’ll give you a brand-new experience in town!

Asiana Beach Resort – Inflatable Playground in Negros, Asiana Beach Resort

The beach spot is still the best view that you can grasp during your stay at the resort.

Image: Asiana Beach Resort Facebook page

The summer season has continued to heat up at this friendly resort since the newest attraction opened last month, and the hype is still on fire. The most recent and first-ever inflatable water park in Negros has finally opened in the middle of the pristine sea of Hinobaan. At Asiana Beach Resort, the peaceful beachside and clear waters at the Southern coast of Negros Island become a more enticing summer spot as it added an exciting part to their entertainment amenities—a unique, floating, inflatable playground! You can swim, slide, run around the playground, or even sit back and admire the view. You need not worry as well about your safety since lifeguards in the floating, inflatable playground are very well-trained and attentive to guests’ needs.

Besides the inflatable playground, you will also relax by the clean, pearly sand beach of Asiana Beach Resort and take a refreshing dip in its seawater.

Enjoy the floating playground for only PhP199.

Asiana Beach Resort – Inflatable Playground in Negros, inflatable playground

Enjoy this inflatable playground without breaking your bank!

Image: Asiana Beach Resort Facebook page

Asiana Beach Resort has the amenities fit for you and your family and friends’ enjoyment in the humble municipality of Hinobaan, offering the newest and only inflatable playground in Negros. The inflatable water playground in the middle of the ocean fits for kids above seven years old and adults who are kids at heart. You will enjoy jumping, sliding, and swimming in the floating playground for only PhP199 for two hours. An additional PhP20 for the boat ride, including the entrance fee.

To maximize your enjoyment at the inflatable playground in the middle of the sea, a time slot reservation for guests is a must, and a maximum of only 30 persons is allowed for every time slot. You can choose from the following time slots: 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM, 10:00 AM to 11:50 AM, 1:00 PM to 2:50 PM, or 3:00 PM to 4:50 PM. Guests from out-of-town areas are advised to come early before the booked time for an orientation.

What’s more? There’s a beachfront camping area!

Asiana Beach Resort – Inflatable Playground in Negros, inflatable playground in Negros

Imagine basking in the sun and sand under these umbrellas—for free!

Image: Asiana Beach Resort Facebook page

Beachfront camping is another activity to enjoy at Asiana Beach Resort, where you can rent a tent for only PhP500, suitable for four persons. You can also opt to bring your own tent to save money and pay only PhP100 per head. A cottage rental by the beach is another accommodation for you to safe-keep your things, food, and other valuables. The cottage rental fee is PhP800 for 12 persons.

The umbrella is free for guest use with a table and bean bags by the beach.

There is also a locker for rent for guests who want to keep their things, and it can be rented for only PhP50.

With these top-tier amenities at Asiana Beach Resort, you can definitely enjoy the beach and nature while relaxing in the simplicity of provincial life. Safety is also guaranteed at the resort since face masks are still required of guests before entering the resort and the inflatable playground.

To lengthen the fun and relaxation, you can stay the night at Asiana Beach Resort since they also allow overnight stays using their tents for rent.

Guests’ safety precautions

Asiana Beach Resort – Inflatable Playground in Negros, Asiana Beach Resort

Imagine basking in the sun and sand under these umbrellas—for free!

Image: Asiana Beach Resort Facebook page

There are also existing floating, inflatable water playground rules. Asiana Beach Resort advises guests to follow them for general safety and maximize the fun. First, everyone must use a life vest throughout their floating playground. Next, no sharp objects are allowed, and shoes and eyeglasses must be removed. Proper swimming attire is required, and clothing with buttons, zippers, or accessories such as earrings, watches, and rings is prohibited. Rough horse playing, wrestling, and flips are not allowed.

Children from seven to 12 years old should be strictly guarded by adults. Swimming is not allowed below the inflatable playground and those with pre-existing health problems. And last rule would be that all guests must be fully vaccinated to enjoy the water playground.

Address: Purok 4 Brgy Asia 6114 Hinoba-an, Negros Occidental, Philippines
Distance: from Bacolod-Silay Airport via Araneta Ave.,/Negros South Road – 212.10 km (4 hours and 32 mins)
Contact Number: 0995 9831149
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AsianaBeachResort

Now that Negros Island is further developing into a more urbanized province, resorts and beaches are highlighted, and unique beach attractions like these also add dazzle for the tourists to come and enjoy. Suppose you are a resident of the municipality of Hinobaan or from other cities or areas near it. In that case, you are lucky to be one of the first to experience the fun at Asiana Beach Resort and its inflatable water playground.

Visit Yoorekka Magazine for more exciting travel destinations in Negros this summer!

Stay safe as you travel! Make sure to follow social distancing protocols and observe health precautions. For now, keep safe!

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