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This Premier Moroccon Bar and Restaurant in Boracay Is Now In Bacolod

Something to look forward to in Bacolod in this newly-launched restaurant in Bacolod!

By: Mira Maestrecampo | September 28, 2022
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Kasbar Bacolod, Moroccon restaurant, restaurant in Bacolod

Paseo Verde, a food hub in Bacolod, has just opened this fancy restaurant!

Images: Al Cas (L); Kasbar Bacolod Facebook page (R)

The premier island of Boracay and the feisty City of Smiles has something in common that travelers and tourists love—the food! Tastes of different flavors and various kinds of cuisine can be found in both tourist spots in the province, giving you glimpses of both worlds—the tropical beach paradise and the stunning cityscapes. At these parallel hotspot travel sites, this Moroccan restaurant stands out—with this famous dining spot in Boracay that just found its way to Bacolod City—the Kasbar Bacolod!

Boracay’s taste of Moroccan cuisine just landed in the City of Smiles.

Kasbar Bacolod – Moroccon Restaurant – Restaurant in Bacolod, Kasbar Bacolod

The bar and resto launched last September 11, bracing Bacolodnons for the best and most authentic Moroccan experience.

Image: Al Cas

This premier restaurant in Bacolod has finally launched in the City of Smiles last September 11, adding to Bacolod’s long list of delicious food! Coming from the tropics of Boracay, everyone’s favorite Moroccan food is finally serving the Bacolodnons at Paseo Verde, Barangay Mandalagan, just along the highway, one of the most famous food hubs in town.

Initially, Kasbar Bacolod is known as a famous Moroccan bar and restaurant located in Station 1, Boracay, and it’s a delight how the resto is now within reach of Negrosanons in Bacolod. Fostering authentic Moroccan food and Moroccan culture, this bar and Moroccan restaurant in the Philippines gives a fresh vibe. It stays true to its Moroccan theme through its sophisticated architectural style, exceptional customer service and dining experience, embellished ornaments inside the restaurant, and colorful draping that fully lightens up the mood of the place. At the same time, you have a night out with friends or colleagues.

This classy Moroccan restaurant and bar is also proud to receive the excellence award—Food and Quality Service of Boracay. You should not miss out on the enthralling dining experience at this restaurant in Bacolod.

Kasbar Bacolod – Moroccon Restaurant – Restaurant in Bacolod, Moroccon restaurant

Savor all these flavorful Moroccon cuisines at Kasbar Bacolod!

Image: Kasbar Bacolod Facebook page

Kasbar Bacolod brings Morocco to you as you indulge in a sophisticated dining experience with a wide array of Moroccan cuisine and a Mediterranean blend of spices and flavors. The effortlessly beautiful and textured meals are regarded as one of the top food trends in the country, with unique flavor combinations that will exceed your dining expectations, just like how Kasbar aims to do!

You might be unfamiliar with some of the food and menu served at this restaurant in Bacolod, so let Yoorekka take quick info about the menu! Staying authentic as a Moroccan restaurant, the bar and resto serves Moroccan Cigars (PhP155), golden fried, elegant, and homemade pastry cigars. This dish is uniquely found only in Kasbar. Hummus (PhP119) is a Moroccan-inspired dish made of Chickpea with Tahini, Garlic Lemon, and Olive Oil Dressing. From the salad menu, they have the Tabbouleh Salad (PhP199)—a Mediterranean-inspired salad made of chopped parsley, mint, onions, and tomatoes in lemon and olive oil dressing; and the Fatoush Salad (PhP249), a Lebanese specialty salad with a mix of green vegetables, toasted Pita bread, bell peppers, olives, mint, and lemon dressing with Feta cheese.

Kasbar Bacolod – Moroccon Restaurant – Restaurant in Bacolod, restaurant in Bacolod

Kasbar’s uniquely made Pita Pizza in Moroccan and spinach variants (L) and tasty Kebab (R)

Image: Richard Gallego

Their Moroccan menu features Kasbar’s Pita Pizza filled with soft, thin, and unleavened flatbread. They also serve Moroccan wraps, made with soft and unleavened bread and hummus savored with homemade tahini and harissa sauce.

This Moroccan restaurant also offers Kebabs, the best tasting options on the menu, and are described as grilled cubes of vegetables, seafood, poultry, or meat, marinated in Moroccan spices. Kasbar Bacolod also offers Bundle Menus, ranging from PhP399 to PhP635.

Kasbar Bacolod – Moroccon Restaurant – Restaurant in Bacolod, Kasbar Bacolod

Kasbar’s Ube Macaroon, one of Kasbar’s bestselling drinks.

Image: Kasbar Bacolod Facebook page

Besides the unique Moroccan cuisine and many food options, Kasbar Bacolod is well-known for its delicious cocktail drinks, making the restaurant a perfect spot for a Friday chill night! You must try the bestselling drinks: Moroccan Mojito at PhP160, Ube Macaroon for only PhP280, and Fairy Glitter at PhP400.

Their signature Ube flavored drinks are a must-try as well. One is the trending ‘Pag-Ubeg sa Kanto’, which is a hit among customers, a drink mix of salted caramel vodka, ube liqueur, and milk! Another is the Ube Macaroon, a drink made from ube liqueur distilled from Nabas, Aklan, coconut cream, and toasted nuts.

You should also try smoking this unique feature from Kasbar Bacolod—the Shisha. Also called a hookah or waterpipe, Shisha is an instrument used for vaporizing and smoking tobacco, cannabis, hashish, or opium. The smoke goes through a glass water basin and is inhaled by the person through its pipe. The Shisha comes in different flavors: Watermelon, Double Apple, Mint, Blueberry, or Grape, and you can order yours from this Moroccan restaurant’s menu at PhP350.

Address: Unit 1, Paseo Verde, Mandalagan 6100 Bacolod CIty, Philippines
Contact Number: 0930 6822826
Hours: Monday to Thursday, 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM; Friday to Sunday, 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Price Range: PhP119 to PhP3,500
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KasbarBacolod

Who knew that you didn’t need to go to Morocco or Boracay to experience dining in class at Kasbar Bacolod? Indeed, you should not miss checking out this newly opened restaurant in Bacolod to taste the unique delicacies that will take your taste buds on a new adventure!

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Stay safe as you travel and dine in! Make sure to follow social distancing protocols and observe health precautions. For now, keep safe!

Prices may change without prior notice.

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