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5 New Bacolod Tourist Attraction for an Unforgettable Year-ender

Here are new instagrammable places in Bacolod you can visit before bidding the year goodbye!

By: Mira Maestrecampo | October 26, 2022
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Bacolod Tourist Attraction, Instagrammable Places in Bacolod, Tourist Spot in Bacolod

From staycation spots to aesthetic diners, Bacolod City will surely never fail to bring you smiles before you bid 2022 goodbye!

Images: Bala-an Hills Facebook page

You might be reading this right now because you are searching for new Bacolod’s new tourist attraction to level up your itinerary as you end the year with smiles and spontaneous adventures. More new instagrammable places in Bacolod, unique dining spots, tambayan places, and staycation escapades are willing to welcome you as you create a memorable farewell to 2022 and celebrate the joys of the upcoming year of 2023. As the city progresses in infrastructure and levels up with more stunning Bacolod tourist attractions, so should your Bacolod travel goals.

1. Bazket BCD

Where: 15th Lacson Street, beside Calea Cakes Shop
Operating Hours: Daily, 9:00 AM to 11:30 PM

Bacolod Tourist Attraction

Among Bacolod’s new tourist spots, this biggest food hub in Bacolod City quickly captured the hearts and tummies of food lovers.

Image: Bazket BCD by HPS

On your following tourist spots in Bacolod itinerary, don’t miss out on going to Bazket BCD, the most significant food park in Negros Occidental, one of Bacolod tourist attraction, which opened last July 2022. You still have more than two months to try out more than 20 food stalls in the food hub, and you might taste them all and more instagrammable places in Bacolod to visit before the year ends. Various international cuisines are available—Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Mediterranean, Korean, and of course, your favorite Filipino dishes are also offered. Coffee shops, milk tea, dessert stalls, street food choices, and fashion bazaars can also be found. This Bacolod tourist attraction, Bazket BCD also has acoustic sessions every night for your entertainment, plus a pet-friendly environment so your fur buddies can enjoy a food trip excursion with you in Bacolod City.

With all the Bacolod tourist attraction, Bazket BCD stands out because it is the largest food hub in the province and the perfect stopover with its convenient location just along Lacson Street. Tourists can drop by and choose from a wide array of food options. For dine-in customers, a vast parking space that can accommodate over 200 cars and motorcycles is conveniently included in the amenities, which is also what people liked about this instagrammable place in Bacolod. You won’t also need to worry about the heat and the heavy rains since the area of this Bacolod tourist attraction is also a large covered court, where you can be comfortable and protected to enjoy the scrumptious food and the excellent company.

2. The Alch

Where: Km. 56, Purok Manihan, Brgy. Bunga, Don Salvador Benedicto 6100 Bacolod CIty, Philippines
Operating Hours:
Loft House – 2:00 PM to 10:00 AM
Master Suite – 2:00 PM to 11:00 AM
Day Use – 1:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Instagrammable Places in Bacolod

If you are a nature lover, you will love staying at The Alch as you welcome the exciting New Year.

Image: The Alch Facebook Page

Don Salvador Benedicto is a famous Bacolod tourist attraction just kilometers away from Bacolod City. Known to locals as ‘DSB’, some places are still yet to be discovered in the municipality, just like one of this tourist spots in Bacolod, The Alch. This instagrammable places in Bacolod opened late last August 2021, yet while it remains under the radar, it is just fit to be the perfect spot for a private vacation before the year ends. You might also want to book a stay at this Bacolod tourist attraction’s vacation home in a time of welcoming 2023 on New Year’s Eve. The Alch also offers the most beautiful view of Mt. Canlaon, where you can enjoy the cool mountain breeze at any time of the day.

Amenities at The Alch include a swimming pool, a clubhouse, a cozy gazebo, relaxing garden grounds, alfresco dining spaces, warm nipa huts, and a fire pit. You can add this to your Bacolod tourist attraction itinerary for your year-ender adventure and genuinely reconnect with nature at this private resort, where you can rent a frame loft house with a private dipping pool for a range of PhP6,000 to PhP7,500. You can also opt for the Master’s Suite with a rate of PhP5,500 to PhP6,500. All these accommodations at this instagrammable places in Bacolod offer a comfortable sanctuary with the best angle of the mountains of DSB. You can also tag your friends with you since, this Bacolod tourist attraction The Alch can accommodate up to seven people in the private vacation house.

3. Esquinita Bar and Café

Where: Narra Avenue, Shopping, Bacolod City
Operating Hours: Daily, 3:00 PM to 1:00 AM

Tourist Spot in Bacolod

The unique location of the place complements the tasty Bacolod comfort food served at this local food stop.

Images: Esquinita Bar and Café Facebook page

Have you ever visited this rustic alley at the heart of Bacolod City? You shouldn’t miss out on dining at Esquinita Bar and Café, one of the new Bacolod tourist attraction, as part of your year-end excursion in the city. This new tourist spot in Bacolod is inspired by its fascinating location in the alley of Narra Avenue, Shopping, ‘Esquinita’ is the beautified name of the Tagalog word ‘eskinita’, since this diner pub, one of the instagrammable places in Bacolod is nestled in a long, vertical lot in the middle of a literal alley. This Bacolod tourist attraction opened last February 2022 and is the living definition of aesthetic because of its rustic ambiance and surrealistic walls, complemented with a minimalist dash of black and white.

Esquinita Bar and Café serves pasta, burgers, all-day meals, and cool drinks. Must-try dessert is The Knickerbocker, a localized Zamboangeño halo-halo for PhP160; the drink is Amaretto Sour x Midori Sour. Alcoholic beverages are also available, and this café and bar serves it right if you want to have a year-end night out and catch up with friends. You definitely don’t want to miss this new Bacolod tourist attraction when you visit the city!

4. Bala-an Hills

Where: Sitio Pata-an, Barangay Mailum, Bago City, Philippines
Operating Hours: Tuesdays to Sundays, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Bacolod Tourist Attraction

Bala-an Hills is a place of prayer and relaxation in the mountains of Bago City.

Images: Bala-an Hills Facebook Page

One of the instagrammable places in Bacolod is the Bala-an Hills in Bago City, where you will feel close to the skies and mountains. You will find the Bacolod tourist attraction, the 14 Stations of the Cross at Bala-an Hills, the Divine Mercy Monument, La Bouna Cucina, the Balaan Hills’s in-house Restaurant, a swimming pool, a viewing deck, an airsoft range, a souvenir shop, a mini store.

Bala-an is a Hiligaynon term that means ‘holy’, and this 4-hectare place that opened last August 2022 is described as a Bacolod tourist attraction and place of sanctity for those who want to meditate and are looking for a quiet place to relax and pray in the middle of nature, plus all the scenic mountain views, the reason why this is one of the tourist spots in Bacolod. You can also take pictures of this new instagrammable places in Bacolod while you enjoy the serene ambiance. There is also a beautifully landscaped garden at this Bacolod tourist attraction where you can have a stroll, and what’s nice about Bala-an Hills is that it’s only an hour’s drive away from Bacolod City.

5. McDonald’s Next Gen – The Upper East

Where: The Upper East, Megaworld, Burgos Avenue, Bacolod City
Operating Hours: 24/7

Instagrammable Places in Bacolod

Tagged as the ‘most beautiful McDonald’s’, The Upper East’s branch was flocked during its grand opening.

Images: Tia Lacson Facebook Page/Blog

Bacolod City marks its signature Masskara emblems at one of the newest Bacolod tourist attractions, which is also the most beautiful McDonald’s in the Philippines. The new branch of this one of the instagrammable places in Bacolod located in The Upper East by Megaworld, Bacolod, launched just this October 10, simultaneous with the return of the city’s much anticipated Masskara Festival. The newest McDonald’s branch is now one of Bacolod tourist attractions, it has instagrammable amenities and unique features: a dessert station train, which is a first in the city, dual drive-thru lanes, a lactation room, charging ports, a conference room that guests can book world-class furniture from France, and Hong Kong, and an ample alfresco space in the fast food chain’s vicinity.

This new Bacolod tourist attraction is your first option if you crave McDonald’s cheeseburger and milky iced coffee. McDonald’s The Upper East has co-working spaces, giant art installations, and a bike and dining area. A Masskara Wall is also displayed outside the landscaped exteriors, with a lush vertical garden behind it at this tourist spot in Bacolod. As for the interiors at this Bacolod tourist attraction, aesthetically pleasing high ceilings and glass walls make the ambiance in the fast food chain comfier and instagrammable place in Bacolod. The photos sure do illustrate it all.

Take the time to be grateful for the blessings brought by this fruitful year, and enjoy the remaining days of 2022 as you tour these new places in Bacolod. Whether you want an extroverted night out, a gastronomic adventure, or simply a private and intimate vacation with a few chosen people in your life, an experience of your choice will always be the right way of bidding 2022 farewell, and no one can dictate otherwise!

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