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5 Great Finds at Starmall Edsa-Shaw (Plus Tips!)

Get to know some star items and new stores at Starmall, Mandaluyong City!

By: Andrea Aviado | March 04, 2017
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Starmall Edsa Shaw

Starmall’s façade along Shaw Boulevard (Image: Starmall EDSA-Shaw)

Standing along the corner of Shaw Boulevard and EDSA for almost two decades now, Starmall has become a landmark and a common meeting point of people coming from the north and the south of the metro. It is home to numerous stores and dining places, just like its bigger neighboring counterparts. Yet, with food stands offering affordable eats and stores selling goods for as low as PhP20, we can understand why this mall is a favorite go-to place of locals.

Also, aside from it being a haven for bargain shopping, people frequent Starmall because of its unique stores and finds that one will not typically see in glitzy malls. Discover these items and stores below.

Film cameras for photography buffs

Starmall Edsa Shaw

Score these old film cameras for your collection.

While nearby malls have stores that offer the latest cameras and photography equipment, Starmall is home to Japan Selections. This thrift store located on the mall’s 2nd floor distinguishes itself by selling old film cameras. From camera bodies, lenses, to flashes, get a hold of these film cameras and equipment that people use in the old days. Although some of them are not in good condition and are not guaranteed to be working, they can still be the perfect gift for your photography buff or collector friend.

Sticker gift wrapping papers

Starmall Edsa Shaw

Decorate your space or wrap your gifts with these glittering sticker gift wrappers.

Inside Lavina, a newly opened lifestyle store from Hong Kong, is something new for stationery addicts and an answer for people who don’t have the time and patience to wrap gifts—a sticker gift wrapping paper! Obviously, you won’t need a scotch tape to wrap your gifts with this sticky wrapper. All you need to do is peel off the paper and stick it onto your gift’s box or basically on any surface you want. Go ahead and decorate your desk, walls, or even your gadgets!

Still prefer the traditional way of wrapping gifts? Don’t worry. The store also has gift wrappers of the same designs but minus the sticky side. You can buy these sparkly sticker gift wrapping papers for PhP49 each and PhP29 each for the regular ones. Lavina is located on the 3rd floor of Starmall.

Line of direct selling stores

Starmall Edsa Shaw

Guess what you wouldn’t find in glitzy malls? An Ever Bilena store!

One of the things you won’t see in big glitzy malls is the presence of direct selling businesses’ stores. Walk along the 2nd floor and you’ll find Boardwalk and MSE (Marikina Shoe Exchange) outlets. Go up to the 3rd floor and you’ll see Sophie Martin and Natasha ’s direct selling stores and contrary to having just counters in other malls, Ever Bilena has its own store in Starmall which is also one of the direct selling offices of the brand.

Bowling games at an affordable rate

Starmall Edsa Shaw

Play bowling for a very cheap rate (Image: Dorothy Kathleen)

Haven’t tried playing bowling yet and want to experience it for the first time? Head on to the mall’s 4th floor and play two games of bowling for PhP159 at Coronado Lanes Bowling and Billiard Center. It is typically a place where bowling and billiard enthusiasts or even millennials who just want to try the sports gather and play.

Cheap freshly baked bread

Starmall Edsa Shaw

People wouldn’t be lining up in front of this bakery for nothing.

Before you end your day and make your way out of the mall and into the MRT, you’ll be stopped by the delicious smell coming from the newly opened Baker Studio on the 3rd floor. With baked goods at just PhP20 a piece, you can already complete your merienda with one of their signature breads. Partner it with coffee on the side after a day of shopping.

Pro Tips

Most people visit Starmall during the weekends, but expect the fast food chains and restaurants to be packed even on weekdays when office workers drop by the place to grab lunch. It is best advised to visit the mall before or after lunch time and within office hours if you want to avoid the crowd.

For bargain shopping, you can find clothing bazaars on the ground floor and gadget stalls on the 3rd floor where haggling is allowed. On the other hand, in case you’re not a great haggler but are still looking for bargain pieces, you can visit the 2nd and 3rd floors where stores have sale promos every first quarter, summer season, and last quarter of the year.

The mall’s parking space becomes full during the latter part of the day so it is also best to drop by the place at an early time if you want to pay a visit with a car. If you are going to commute, different modes of transportation are available outside the mall. There are jeepney and UV Express terminals going to and from Mandaluyong and Rizal, jeepneys passing by Pasig and Manila, and city buses going to the north and south of the metro. The MRT Shaw station is located just at the front of the mall.

Lastly, always pay attention to your belongings as you haggle and shop around to make your visit at Starmall a good experience.

Click the store names to see their addresses and contact numbers.

Prices may change without prior notice.
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