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Here Are Some Exercise Spots in Baguio Where You Can Do Fun Cardio

Add some quick workouts to your list of things to do in Baguio!

By: Liezl Formilleza-Dunuan | June 23, 2023
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Here are some exercise spots for staying fit while traveling in Baguio!

Images: Yoorekka

Most people consider vacations an opportunity to unwind and escape from their daily chores. However, lounging around and spoiling ourselves do not need to come at the expense of our own health. Even on vacation, we must be mindful of our wellness and stay alert and active.

It is challenging in a charming place like Baguio, where pleasures are present left and right. But with just the right amount of discipline and our list of exercise spots in Baguio for fitness lovers, you can still keep in top shape while staying in the City of Pines.

So read on to see the top exercise spots in Baguio where you can meet your workout goals!

1. Burnham Park

Where: Jose Abad Santos Dr, Baguio, 2600 Benguet
Entrance Fee: Free

Exercise Spots in Baguio – Things to do in Baguio – Yoorekka PH, exercise spots in Baguio

Burnham Park offers cheap exercise options—some are even free!

Images: Yoorekka

Burnham Park is mainly famous for boating on Burnham Lake, strolling around the park, and biking. The city’s green space is in the center of the business district, a perfect exercise spot in Baguio; it is a common destination for visitors and residents who just want to stay moving and going as they take in the scenery.

Even before the bike rental and boat shops open and one of the things to do in Baguio, the park already teems with activity as soon as the sun rises. In the park’s exercise spot in Baguio, aerobics, zumba, and tae bo instructors are already up and about with their own portable sound systems to start their sessions as soon as enough people are gathered around. You can choose to join any of these open classes, and while there is no fee, those who take part would usually donate between PhP20 to PhP35, which isn’t bad for a lively exercise session.

If these kinds of workouts aren’t your preferred way to sweat out, you may go to this exercise spot in Baguio, at the Rose Garden, around 5:30 AM to train alongside the occasional Tai-chi enthusiasts doing practice there. Walking and jogging around the lake are by far the cheapest—and most peaceful—things to do in Baguio.

2. Baguio Athletic Bowl

Where: Kisad Rd, Baguio, Benguet
Admission Fee: PhP25

Exercise Spots in Baguio – Things to do in Baguio – Yoorekka PH, things to do in Baguio

The Baguio Athletic Bowl is not only for athletes in training but for anyone wanting to stay fit.

Image: Denmark De los Reyes

Next on our list of exercise spots in Baguio is Located at the far end of Burnham Park, near the Children’s Park, and the main parking area for tourists is Baguio Athletic Bowl. This exercise spot in Baguio is open for public use, and within it is a track oval with eight padded lanes, four dedicated to regular users and the remaining for athletes who train there. If you’re finding where to jog in Baguio, you’d probably prefer jogging around the oval because it wouldn’t be too taxing on your feet due to the rubberized padding of the track.

The stadium opens at 5:00 AM, with an admission fee of PhP25 for regular users and PhP10 for students. Senior citizens, athletes, and persons with disabilities can use it for free.

If you ever run out of things to do in Baguio, then a leisurely jog around this ideal exercise venue will keep your heartbeat and body temperature normal.

3. Baguio City Swimming Pool

Where: Jose Abad Santos Dr, Baguio, Benguet
Admission Fee: PhP50

Exercise Spots in Baguio – Things to do in Baguio – Yoorekka PH, where to jog in Baguio

The heated swimming pools were first used during a regional athletic competition in Baguio City.

Image: Justin Santos

Another hidden exercise spot in Baguio found in the Athletic Bowl compound is the Baguio City Swimming Pool. This covered pool complex has one Olympic-sized pool. The pools are heated, which definitely helps swimmers keep their ideal body temperature amidst Baguio’s cold climate.

This exercise spot in Baguio doesn’t have lockers available, so it would be best to come with a companion to watch over your valuables. Athletes can use the amenity for free, especially those training for competitions. Regular users can access it for only PhP50. Add this to your things to do in Baguio now!

4. Melvin Jones Grandstand and Auditorium

Where: Harrison Rd, Baguio, Benguet
Admission Fee: Free

Exercise Spots in Baguio – Things to do in Baguio – Yoorekka PH, exercise spots in Baguio

The field in Melvin Jones is always perfect for afternoon soccer practice.

Image: @_ladyline_)

On our fourth exercise spot in Baguio is The Melvin Jones Grandstand and Auditorium. It is a popular spot during the Panagbenga Festival because this is where tourists usually come to see the floats up close. There are also things to do in Baguio on regular days. However, the open field hosts numerous soccer games, usually between college students. With the influx of foreign students from African countries, many would also flock to the area to spend their day playing soccer. During weekends, this exercise spot in Baguio also hosts several soccer clinics or practice sessions for kids.

Still, you don’t need to know how to play soccer to visit the grandstand. The field is wide enough for multiple groups to play and have fun, so if you’re finding where to jog in Baguio or just want to do yoga, cardio, or stretching exercises, there is undoubtedly a spot for you here.

5. Wright Park

Where: The Mansion, Romulo Dr, Baguio, Benguet
Admission Fee: Free

Exercise Spots in Baguio – Things to do in Baguio – Yoorekka PH, things to do in Baguio

The winding flight of stairs makes sure you get a major cardio workout.

Image: Kristina Sophia Evangelista

Unlike Metro Manila, Baguio can still boast green spaces where people can openly commune with nature. One of these places is Wright Park, located near The Mansion. Although it may not be as big and wide as Burnham Park, it is still a good exercise spot in Baguio for a challenging cardiovascular workout.

Like Burnham, the park is always open and is free for everyone’s enjoyment. If you’re not up for an intense workout, you can simply enjoy a jog around the park, around the picturesque pond across the main gate of The Mansion. Or you can try other things to do in Baguio, like scaling the many winding stairs around the park, which feels like working out on your own Stairmaster.

6. South Drive

Where: Baguio City, Benguet
Entrance Fee: Free

Exercise Spots in Baguio – Things to do in Baguio – Yoorekka PH, where to jog in Baguio

South Drive is popular among runners, joggers, and bikers.

Image: Lhane Ogbinar

If you still don’t know where to jog in Baguio? South Drive is a famous running route for local runners, joggers, and bikers because it’s such a scenic road, and vehicles rarely pass by. This drive leads to the area of the Country Club and parts of Camp John Hay. Since this exercise spot in Baguio can get quite crowded during rush hour, it is recommended to traverse this route during the wee hours of the morning, which is generally considered the perfect time for a run or a ride, another thing to do in Baguio. And because it has one of the few remaining forest patches in the city, it will make for a visually enjoyable experience.

7. Camp John Hay

Where: Loakan Road, Brgy. Happy Hallow, Baguio City, Benguet
Entrance Fee: Eco Trail - PhP75.00 per head

Exercise Spots in Baguio – Things to do in Baguio – Yoorekka PH, exercise spots in Baguio

The Eco Trail has much to offer to those willing to explore it.

Image: @komiks13 IG

Last on our list of exercise spots in Baguio, if you are up for hiking, trail running, or trail biking, you don’t need to get out of Baguio City to do that. Inside Camp John Hay are several trails that can be explored on foot or on two wheels, whichever you prefer.

The two more popular trails are the Eco Trail and the Yellow Trail. The Yellow Trail starts at the area near Le Monet Hotel, enters the American Embassy area, and exits out near the TreeTop Adventure spot. On the other hand, the Eco Trail starts near the Paint Ball area and ends at the old main gate near Panagbenga Park.

8. Teachers’ Camp

Where: Leonard Wood Rd, Baguio, Benguet

exercise spots in Baguio, things to do in Baguio, where to jog in Baguio

Teachers’ Camp has lots of open space for a leisurely walk or a serious run.

Image: Angelique Lao Flores

Before the Athletic Bowl in Burnham Park had its rubberized tracks, runners and athletes used to flock to it inside Teachers’ Camp for regular training sessions. This exercise spot in Baguio remains open for athletes and normal users to train in. Since the presence of other available grounds means it isn’t bustling with activity these days, you can have an entirely focused training session for a minimal fee of PhP35.

The difference between the Baguio Athletic Bowl and the one at Teachers’ Camp is the surroundings. Teachers’ Camp, an exercise spot in Baguio, offers more shade and greenery than the former since the oval is inside the camp’s compound.

May 2023 Update: Teacher’s Camp is temporarily closed due to the pandemic. Follow them on their Facebook page to be the first to know when they resume operations.

Which of these places in Baguio for fitness lovers caught your interest? Let us know which workout spot you’re most likely to visit soon!

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Stay safe as you travel! Make sure to follow social distancing protocols and observe health precautions. For now, keep safe!

This article was initially published in Yoorekka on June 15, 2018.

Rates may change without prior notice.

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