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This Newest Eco-resort in Ilocos Sur Takes You Back to Pre-colonial Times; Check Out Aluminak Resort!

Aluminak Resort will make you feel like how it was in pre-colonial times back then.

By: Yoorekka Team | January 31, 2023
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Aluminak Resort, eco-resort in Ilocos Sur

The majestic views and facilities at Santiago Project by Aluminak.

Images: Mica Mae Tacad Galacgac (L); Jocel Agbulos Gacilos (R)

When talking about Ilocos Sur, Vigan is undeniably the first thing that comes to mind, as it is home to various attractions such as ancestral houses and old churches. However, out of 32 municipalities in Ilocos Sur, you should check out Santiago, a hidden gem on the south side of Vigan.

This hidden spot in Ilocos Sur is home to what you may have heard, the Sabangan Beach or Santiago Cove, a picturesque beach with grey, almost white sand and calm water. To add to the ones you can visit is Santiago Project by Aluminak Resort, an eco-resort in Ilocos Sur recently opened its doors to the public.

What’s unique about this eco-resort in Ilocos Sur?

Aluminak Resort – Eco-resort in Ilocos Sur – Yoorekka Philippines, Aluminak Resort

Aluminak Resort’s interior is purely native.

Images: Jocel Agbulos Gacilos

Located at Ambucao, Santiago, Ilocos Sur, Santiago Project by Aluminak is a newly opened eco-resort for co-working, co-living, and co-learning. Aluminak, which means art and light within me, is the first company to develop co-living accommodations for mid-to-long-term stays in rural areas. This eco-resort, the Santiago Project, is their blueprint in Ilocos Sur.

Santiago Project by Aluminak’s elements and organically artistic architecture, represents a return to the pre-colonial times when people’s values and culture were not influenced and colonized.

They also provide international cohorts with the platform to gather, be productive, and forge partnerships with locals to enhance and reactivate rural economies.

Aluminak Resort – Eco-resort in Ilocos Sur – Yoorekka Philippines, eco-resort in Ilocos Sur

Relax in these shared spaces with serene views at Santiago Project by Aluminak.

Images: Apple Molina Mecos

The Santiago Project by Aluminak addresses the new economic and social demands. This eco-resort in Ilocos Sur guarantees simplified and short-notice move-in-out processes, reduced administrative work, 100% online management, and fully furnished accommodations to respond to the guest’s flexibility needs and enable their concept of nomadism and unexpected life changes. They have shared common areas such as communal kitchens, terraces and backyards, media and game rooms, laundry rooms, and fitness and health spaces to meet the guest’s expectations of modern comfort while reducing monthly expenses.

Experience a one-of-a-kind stay with their unique facilities

Aluminak Resort – Eco-resort in Ilocos Sur – Yoorekka Philippines, Aluminak Resort

Santiago Project by Aluminak’s executive suite and a scenic view from the pool.

Images: Jocel Agbulos Gacilos

From solo rooms to rooms with large capacity, get cozy at Santiago Project by Aluminak Resort’s intentional spaces. Since this eco-resort in Ilocos Sur advocates for sustainability, they offer discounts from one-week stays to full-month stays, ranging from PhP3,150 to PhP16,000.

Aside from their intentional rooms, guests may enjoy Santiago Project by Aluminak’s unique facilities; Danum, Ka’an Dituy, Tu’car, Salun’at, U’may Ka, and A’gubra.

Santiago Project by Aluminak offers outdoor hot tubs in their executive suites, water activities for the kids, and a view from Santiago Cove. They call these facilities Danum, which means water in Ilocano, where you can relax at one of their beach beds and simply inhale the breeze from the ocean.

Aluminak Resort – Eco-resort in Ilocos Sur – Yoorekka Philippines, eco-resort in Ilocos Sur

Santiago Project by Aluminak’s dining area, the Ka’an Dituy.

Images: Santiago Project by Aluminak website (L), Mica Mae Tacad Galacgac (R)

Ka’an Dituy is the holistic dining area of this eco-resort in Ilocos Sur. It pays homage to the Ilocos region as it is inspired by the indigenous people of the Philippines and the way how they made native crops their primary source of nutrition. Products at Ka’an Dituy are sourced from local beaches and a permaculture organic farm directly near the eco-resorts grounds.

Aluminak Resort – Eco-resort in Ilocos Sur – Yoorekka Philippines, Aluminak Resort

The eco-resorts farm-to-table restaurant, Tu’car by Santiago Project.

Images: Santiago Project by Aluminak website (L), Jocel Agbulos Gacilos (R)

Experience an eccentric dining experience at Tu’car by Santiago Project, a modern farm-to-table restaurant set in the sands around the coral reef of Santiago Cove. Its menu, made by an Ilocano Chef and its team, presents various options, raw and hot dishes, healthy elixirs, seasonal local produce, and ocean-fresh ingredients, all prepared with Iloco native methods and elements from fine international dining.

Aluminak Resort – Eco-resort in Ilocos Sur – Yoorekka Philippines, eco-resort in Ilocos Sur

Santiago Project by Aluminak’s Salu’at and Umay Ka.

Images: Santiago Project by Aluminak website

This eco-resort in Ilocos Sur also has a yoga and meditation area called Salu’at. You may also visit Umay Ka, an art and cultural museum inside the eco-resort that tells Ilocos's story, cultural heritage, and ancestral spirits. This also serves as the lobby and reception area of the Santiago Project by Aluminak.

Aluminak Resort – Eco-resort in Ilocos Sur – Yoorekka Philippines, Aluminak Resort

A’gubra at Santiago Project by Aluminak has everything from phone booths to spacious co-working spaces.

Images: Jocel Agbulos Gacilos (L), Santiago Project by Aluminak website (R)

A’gubra is Santiago Project by Aluminak’s signature co-working space. A’gubra is explicitly equipped for co-working needs, from phone booths for quiet conference calls to workshop spaces with boards for brainstorming and collaboration. It is built according to sustainability, conservation, and environmental principles.

Santiago Project by Aluminak Resort is located in Ambucao, Santiago, Ilocos Sur. It is currently on its soft opening to introduce the co-living platform and is only available for room and dining reservations. It is open from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM on Mondays to Fridays, 9:00 AM to 12:00 AM on Saturdays, and 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM on Sundays.

For reservations, promos, and announcements, check out Santiago Project by Aluminak’s website, https://www.aluminak.co/, message them on Facebook at Santiago Project by Aluminak, https://www.facebook.com/aluminak.co, or contact them at 0920 9405112.

Spice up your next vacation, and don’t miss to co-eat, co-live, co-heal, co-enjoy, commune, co-create, and collaborate at this new Santiago Project by Aluminak eco-art resort in Ilocos Sur.

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