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Save on Souvenirs at These Boracay Shops

Choose from a wide range of keepsakes for as low as PhP10!

By: Karen Bermejo | September 09, 2020
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Boracay souvenir items

Shopping in Boracay is never easy, especially for souvenir. It’s not because there is nothing to buy, though, but because there’s just so many to choose from. The opportunity to stock on keepsakes is available in almost every corner of the island. But stations 1, 2, and 3 of the White Beach are the storehouses, so to speak. If you’re a budget traveler, here are some souvenir options and places you can check. Just be sure to have the stamina for a long walk.

1. Talipapa for shirts and other souvenirs (PhP10 to 500)


Some trinkets for sale

The word talipapa, which means market, is widely used in Boracay. Thus, you have to really specify which talipapa you are going to when asking the locals. One of the most popular talipapa for souvenirs is E’Mall Talipapa in Station 3. E’Mall is accessible via the main road, or from the beachfront through an alleyway next to Boracay Sands Hotel.

Shirts in this area are sold for lower prices, usually at PhP150 to PhP170 for two pieces and one for as low as PhP80. Aside from being a cheaper option, stalls in E’Mall are mostly direct sellers so you can still ask for discounts. Other usual souvenirs like key chains, ball pens, and bracelets are also sold here. For PhP100, you can already buy at least seven key chains, five ball pens, or 10 bracelets. Mini-bottle key holders with white sand inside are sold at PhP100 for 8 pieces.

2. Local craftsmen for accessories, keepsakes, and more


Anklets made of Puka shells from Puka Beach of Boracay and kubos in a bottle

Photos by Writer

You can also save on souvenirs if you prefer local products. One favorite souvenir from Boracay is the anklet made of Puka shells, from the equally famous Puka Beach. You can buy it from the members of Malay Boracay Vendors Peddlers Masseurs and Manicurists Association at three pieces for PhP100.

The vendors’ group has scattered stalls along the beachfront but most of them are situated at a vacant lot adjacent to El Centro Hotel in Station 2. They also sell miniature Boracay kubo in a bottle for PhP300. Other members of the group are frequently found at the beachfront in Station 3, just in front of Fashion Rack Exchange.


Snack bites from Aklan at Hugod

Photo by Writer

If you crave for some local delicacies, you can buy some snack foods like banana and camote chips at three pieces for PhP100 at Hugod Home Lifestyle in D’Mall. Aside from the delicacies, other local products like pouches and bags made from Aklan’s famous abaca fiber are also sold here from PhP100 up.


Choose your own strap when buying Boracay slippers.

Photo by Writer

For PhP50, you can buy a Boracay slipper at Kirsten and Corinne Footwear and Shoe Repair Shop inside D’Talipapa. You can also find other kinds of personalized slippers. The shop also has a branch along the beachfront in Station 2.

With your PhP35, you can buy an organic Noni soap at Gloria’s Souvenir Shop located inside D’Talipapa. The handmade soap contains local and natural ingredients and is created by Aklan women. Aside from soaps, Gloria’s also sell canvas bags for PhP200; earrings made by locals for PhP120; and, locally produced organic red and black rice for PhP120 per kilo.

Boracay souvenir items

Cocomangas Souvenir Shop at D'Mall

Photo by Writer

Another famous local shop here is the 28-year-old Cocomangas Souvenir Shop located at D’Mall. It is one of the shops along the entrance of D’Mall from Budget Mart. Cocomangas shirts and jerseys with prices ranging from PhP300 to PhP600 are famous because those who could finish 15 shots at Cocomangas Shooters Bar get them for free.

3. Specialty stores for artsy and environment-friendly stuff


A bag made from soda cans with old jeans used as straps

Photo by Writer

Bring home unique souvenirs while doing something good for the environment: get some bags, wallets, and accessories made out of recycled materials at Here and Now at D’Mall, just a few steps from Budget Mart.

From the same store you can get key chains (PhP85), pouches (PhP280), and bags (from PhP1,750) made out of tetra packs and soft drink tin cans handcrafted by the indigenous people of Cebu. There are also bags made from the old kites of kiteboarders from Boracay. It is usually sold at PhP2,000.

With the vast selection of souvenirs in Boracay, you can always bring something home for family and friends. One final reminder, though: aside from cash, haggling skills are also needed when shopping in Boracay. Good luck!

This article was originally published in Yoorekka on July 19, 2016.
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