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Shopping? See What Tindahan It Boracay Has In Store for You

Boracay steps up the wet market game with its newest and grandest market!

By: Karen Bermejo | September 07, 2020
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Tindahan it Boracay

Dine in this spacious dining area within the complex of Tindahan it Boracay.

Image Source: Tindahan It Boracay Facebook page

The word “market” is often associated with a busy and not-so-tidy place to buy things. But one place in Boracay is changing that notion. Dubbed as the cleanest and the greenest market in the island, Tindahan It Boracay (TiB) is giving us a different perspective of what a market should look like.

Situated away from the busy commercial district of the island, Tindahan It Boracay is making an identity of its own. Established in 2017, owners of the place want to make TiB level up and be the standard of a community market in the island. To give you a glimpse of what’s in store when you visit TiB, check it here.

Accessible Location


You can spot Tindahan It Boracay easily.

Image Source: Tindahan it Boracay Facebook page

While it’s not at the central area of Boracay, TiB is not hard to find at all as it’s just one ride away from either from the port or the D’Mall area. You can just get off at AKY gasoline station in the main road and walk for less than five minutes to reach the place. You can also tell your driver to just drop you off in front of the community market. With its big signage, it’s totally impossible not to find.

Clean Dry and Wet Market


Get fresh fish and seafood at the wet market of Tindahan It Boracay.

Image Source: Tindahan It Boracay Facebook page

The community market serves as a one-stop-shop for both locals and travelers. At the entrance, there’s a stall selling bread and cakes, and even snack foods like kikiam, a sausage-like dish, and siopao (hot bun). There are also several stalls selling toys, kitchenware, plastic ware, as well as electronics and souvenirs. And as you walk further, you will find stalls of fruits and vegetables. At the end of the market is where you will find fresh and even live seafood. You will find lobsters, oyster, mussels, prawns, and different varieties of fishes. If you prefer poultry and meat, they also have that. Unlike the usual wet market, the place is tiled and is regularly cleaned. It really does feel like you are shopping in a mall.

A Selection of Paluto Restaurants


Buy fresh seafood at the market and have it cooked at any paluto restaurant at Paluto Garden.

Image Source: Red Corner Boracay Facebook Page

To cook what you bought, there’s no need to go far as there’s also a paluto or cooking service area in the vicinity of TiB. The paluto garden and dining area of TiB is also dubbed as the Kawayan village because it’s mostly made of bamboo. The place is an open space with a garden area and there are at least six restaurants offering paluto service. Apart from their paluto service, each stall is also serving their respective specialties and menus. The restaurants also serve a variety of cuisine such as Filipino, Mediterranean, Italian, Indian and Chinese. Aside from the paluto restaurants, the popular JT’s Manokan, has also opened its branch in the vicinity of TiB.

Venue for Events

wet market

Instead of an enclosed place, why not hold your event in an open space like this?.

Writer’s photo

If you’re on the island for a group gathering or just need a place for a meeting, the place can also be rented. In fact, the market is already a favorite exhibit area and is becoming popular for special events. The area can host more than 100 people and even more at its garden area. Since fire dance performances are not allowed at the beachfront anymore, you can still showcase it in your events when at TiB. If you’re lucky, you can even score an occasional fire dance performance while dining at the paluto garden.

Coffee Shop by Day, Bar at Night

Tindahan it Boracay

You will never go thirsty anymore at this coffee shop that turns into a bar at night.

Image source: BETC Coffee Bean Supply Facebook Page

If you want the smell of freshly brewed coffee, TiB also offers that. Before the entrance of the paluto garden, you will find BETC which stands for “Best Ever Tasting Coffee”. BETC is supplying native coffee grounds to various establishments in Boracay and other local patrons. Each day, they are also serving freshly brewed coffee for only PhP45 per cup. Once the sun is out, the coffee shop, however, transforms into Chizmosa Ladies Bar. From coffee, the shop serves cocktails and alcohol at night.

Souvenirs from the Night Market


Check locally made products, apparels, snacks, and souvenir items in a night market at TiB.

Images source: Sitio Kipot Development Corporation Facebook Page

Just this month, the TiB has already started its night market from 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM every night. You can find food, clothes, accessories, souvenir items, and a lot more at the community market. The night market has also become a venue for local entrepreneurs to showcase their products. You can even shop while waiting for your paluto.

September 2020 Update: The market is currently open only from 5:00 AM to 5:00 PM due to quarantine restrictions.

To keep market-goers safe amid the pandemic, Tindahan It Boracay has the following rules:

• Guests have to use the main entrance only and sanitize hands upon entry.
• Everyone has to observe social distancing at all times and wear a face mask, if available.
• Customers who have symptoms of COVID-19, such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, or sore throat are requested to stay at home and have someone else do their shopping for them instead.

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With its accessible location, wide array of shops, spacious dining area, and several places to eat and drink, Tindahan It Boracay is indeed a one-stop shop for all your vacation needs.

This article was originally published in Yoorekka on July 24, 2019.

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