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Shop Like an Island Pro at These Shopping Centers in Boracay

You can still score great gifts even while on your Boracay vacay!

By: Karen Bermejo | September 07, 2020
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October is not too early to start thinking about your gift ideas even while in Boracay.

Christmas is just around the corner, and it means the season of giving. Giving a gift is also more expected by family and friends when you are on travel. And while it’s not true for everyone, some travelers love to bring a little tokens and souvenirs for friends at home.

When you think of being on an island vacation, you may expect limited choices for things to buy as gifts. Fortunately, that’s not the case for Boracay as there are a number of shopping centers in Boracay to choose from. The island thrives with these establishments that are intended to sell souvenirs and gifts. When you need one, you can check some of these shopping centers in Boracay.

1. AT IZ Boracay Co.

Address: Unit 2, D’mall Market, Barangay Balabag, Boracay
Suggested budget: PhP1,000


Find a variety of dried mango brands at At Iz Boracay.

Image: AT IZ Boracay Co. Facebook page

With a popular location on the island, it’s not hard to find At Iz Boracay Co. The establishment is best known for its dried mango products, which is the reason why they are dubbed as the house of dried products. Upon entering any of their shops, customers will first notice their variety of dried mango products. These dried mangoes are usually from Cebu and Guimaras but have become a popular pasalubong or souvenirs among Korean and Chinese travelers. Local products from Aklan such as banana chips as well as organic soaps and virgin coconut oil are also among their main offerings.

How to get to AT IZ Boracay Co.: Take a tricycle from Cagban or Tambisaan Port then get off at Crafts of Boracay. You can then walk towards the D’Mall Market near the beachfront.

2. CityMall Boracay

Address: Boracay Tambisaan Jetty Port Road, Barangay Balabag, Boracay
Suggested budget: PhP1,000


People usually flock to CityMall for its varied stores.

Image: CityMall Philippines Facebook page

Aside from a grocery store, food court, appliance center, and cinema, CityMall Boracay also houses a number of stalls with souvenir items. Organic products such as oils, soaps, and other personal care products from Aklan are among your choices. If you want personalized gifts instead, there is also a kiosk selling t-shirts, ball pens, and tumblers where names can be printed on.

CityMall Boracay also houses a Bongbong’s store, which originated from Bacolod and is famous for piaya (unleavened, sweet flatbread). Aside from piaya, they also have butterscotch, biscocho (Spanish cookies), and other pastry products. The stalls are also open during mall hours which are from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM daily.

How to get to CityMall Boracay: Take a tricycle from the port or from your hotel and get off at CityMall in Barangay Balabag. The mall is just along the main road.

September 2020 Update: CityMall Boracay is open.

3. Crafts of Boracay

Address: Main Road, Station 2, Barangay Balabag, Boracay
Suggested budget: PhP500


Find a perfect gift for the kids in your life with these selections from Crafts of Boracay.

Image: Crafts of Boracay official website

With its central location, it’s hard to miss Crafts of Boracay. You can even pass by the establishment before entering the D’Mall Market. The third floor of the four-story building is dedicated to souvenirs, clothing items, and appliances. If you want to give a good wine, Crafts of Boracay is also the place you should visit. If you prefer to bring home some imported goods such as cheese, meat, and delicatessen, they also sell it at the Crafts Deli, which is an extension of their main store. Meanwhile, if you are into spicy foods, Chigah, a locally-made spicy chili garlic oil can also be found at Crafts of Boracay. They cater to customers from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM daily.

How to get to Crafts of Boracay: Take a tricycle from the port to Crafts of Boracay located along the main road in Station 2.

September 2020 Update: Crafts of Boracay is open.

4. Gift Station

Address: Beachfront Path, White Beach, Barangay Balabag, Boracay
Suggested budget: PhP500

where to buy

You can get this package of three products at Gift Station.

Image: Gift Station Facebook page

Organic products have become so popular in Boracay which is what Gift Station primarily offers. One favorite among travelers is the noni soap. Noni is a fruit-bearing plant which belongs to the coffee family and has become a popular ingredient of this locally-made soap. That is why noni soap is also one of the highlights of the Gift Station. Aside from noni, they also have coconut soap and a variety of coconut oils. You can get a set of these three products in one package. They also have food products such as dried mangoes.

How to get to Gift Station: Take a tricycle from the port or your hostel and get off at D’Mall. From D’mall, walk towards the White Beach. Then walk along to the right to find the store.

For the best shopping places all over the country, head on over to

5. Asya Premier Suites

Address: Sitio Cagban, Barangay Manocmanoc, Boracay
Suggested budget: PhP1,000

souvenir stores, gift

From wooden ornaments to native accessories, these are among the displays at Asya Premier Suites Boracay gift shop.

Image: Asya Premier Suites Boracay Facebook page

If you prefer fancier gifts, you can find Philippine-made accessories and souvenirs at the gift shop of Asya Premier Suites Boracay. With their elaborate display of products, one can tell that these accessories can be used even for special occasions. Their accessories are mostly made of materials from the Philippines. Aside from necklaces and earrings, they also have bags woven by Aklanon women.

How to get to Asya Premier Suites Boracay: Take a tricycle from D’Mall and tell the driver to drop you off at Asya Premier Suites. The hotel is right at the beachfront of Station 3.

September 2020 Update: Asya Premier Suites Boracay is open.

As there are a lot of options to choose from, one way to save time in choosing gifts is knowing what the receiver wants. So whether you are giving cosmetics, accessories, local delicacies, or any local product, remember that the thought always counts.

This article was originally published in Yoorekka on October 10, 2019.
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