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An Up-to-Date List of Where to Shop for Boracay Souvenirs

See souvenir shops in Boracay that let you keep memories of the place.

By: Karen Bermejo | September 09, 2020
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From handmade trinkets to shirts, these souvenirs will remind you of the island long after you’ve left.

Souvenirs allow us to remember the places we visit, the memories we create, and the experiences we had in a particular destination. This is something that every tourist of Boracay might feel, as the island is so memorable that no one can’t go home without bringing anything.

From sand-filled vials, key chains, ref magnets to sarong, printed shirts and hand-woven bags, you’ll find the best souvenirs if you know where to shop in Boracay. To guide you on where to go shopping for keepsakes, read the following list and see where to shop in Boracay.

1. Fiesta Souvenir Shop Boracay

Boracay Souvenirs

Wear your heart on your sleeve by buying a Boracay tee.

Image: Fiesta Souvenirs Boracay

Fiesta Souvenir Shirts is famous for their colorful tees that reflect the festive vibe of Philippine islands. The company is owned by an Ilonggo who was inspired by the vibrant Dinagyang Festival and brought the souvenir items to other areas in the country, including Boracay. Fiesta Souvenir Shirts has various locations in Boracay now. Their main store on the island where you can buy shirts of all sizes for kids and adults alike is located at D’Mall, near the office of the Department of Tourism. They also have a kiosk at the entrance of City Mall Boracay. Another Fiesta Souvenir branch is also located at Boracay Holiday Resort, but it is under construction at present.

September 2020 Update: Fiesta Souvenir is open.

2. Galeria Kulay

Souvenirs from Boracay

You can find these colorful items at Galeria Kulay.

Image: Galeria Kulay Beachwear

This artsy souvenir shop used to have a bigger space at D’Talipapa until it was razed by a fire in the area in September 2017. Thankfully, Galeria Kulay still continues to showcase their artwork and souvenir items at their D’Mall location, just a short walk away from D’Mall’s beachfront. Galeria Kulay is known for its artistic vibe and colorful items. They sell shirts and vivid sarong, some of which are even from abroad. The shop also sells crafts from other parts of the country. Galeria Kulay also showcases artworks and paintings from various artists.

3. Bamboo Market

Souvenir Shop in Boracay

You can choose an array of souvenirs from various stalls at Bamboo Market

Image: Boracay Bamboo Shades

Bamboo Market consists of many small shops selling various types of souvenir items. A big signage made of bamboo will help you find this place easily in a row of establishments at the beachfront in Station 2. At the entrance of the marketplace is a shop selling shades made of bamboo as well.

Meanwhile, each shop inside the market sells its own types of trinkets and various items with Boracay inked on it. You’ll find keychains, clothing, accessories and even dream catchers of different sizes. Beach wear, sarong, and dry bags are also common among the shops in the area. Prices at Bamboo Market are also cheaper compared to shops in D’Mall.

4. CityMall Boracay

Boracay Souvenirs

City Mall Boracay hosts a number of kiosks with varied souvenir items.

Image: Yuri Quia

CityMall Boracay is a one-stop shop for Boracay locals and for tourists too. Aside from having a cinema, supermarket and various stalls, it also houses kiosks of selling various souvenirs, from food items to accessories. For instance, located at the mall’s main entrance is a kiosk of organic products from Aklan including oils and soap. Another kiosk is also selling merchandise like ball pens, water bottles, and personalized shirts with Boracay prints. If you want to bring food items, you can also find snacks from Aklan and other parts of the country like piaya (unleavened flatbread), dried mangoes, and butterscotch inside the mall.

5. Happy Planet

Souvenirs from Boracay

There are a total of five Happy Planet shops in Boracay.

Image courtesy of Karen Bermejo

When it comes to hand-painted shirts in Boracay, Happy Planet is the popular place to be. The store actually has five branches on the island. They are popular for their custom hand-painted shirts that usually depict the beauty of Boracay. You can even watch while their artists paint on your shirt. Since it’s custom-made, you can choose the right size and color for you. Aside from shirts, they also have other clothes you can wear while on the island. For a more artistic souvenir, you can also bring home paintings of the famed Boracay sunset.

6. Nautilus Boracay

Souvenir Shop in Boracay

Nautilus showcases designs of Ilonggo artist PJ Aranador.

Image courtesy of Karen Bermejo

With its signature storefront that showcases brown-skinned mannequins, Nautilus Boracay is an eye-catcher among tourists passing by D’Mall. More than that, tourists visit the place for its unique lifestyle wearables and crafts. Nautilus Boracay showcases the creation of Ilonggo designer PJ Arañador. They have swimwear as well as resort dresses that can be worn on various occasions. Likewise, they feature organic products and even accessories also made of indigenous materials.

7. Here and Now

Boracay Souvenirs

At Here and Now, you can get plastic wrappers turned into cute keychains.

Image courtesy of Karen Bermejo

If you prefer souvenirs that are more environment-friendly, there is also a local shop on the island selling upcycled products. Here and Now, which is among the strip of establishments in D’Mall, has bags, wallets, and accessories all made of recycled materials. They even have bags made from old kites from the island’s kiteboarders. They also have bags, purses, and other items made from soda cans, and other materials that one normally thinks would already belong in the trash can.

September 2020 Update: Here and Now is open.

8. Hugod Home Lifestyle Trade Center

Souvenirs from Boracay

Snacks from various Aklan towns are available at Hugod.

Image courtesy of Karen Bermejo

Another souvenir shop you can check at D’Mall is Hugod Home Lifestyle Trade Center, which offers products that are purely from Aklan. Their main product is the bags made from Aklan’s famous abaca fiber. The bags are of different sizes, which could be the perfect gift for any of your loved ones or for yourself. They also sell snacks like the ampao (rice crispy) from Lezo, and the banana and camote chips counterpart from the province.

9. Beachfront Stalls by the Malay Boracay Vendors, Peddlers, Masseurs, Manicurists Association (MABOVEN)

Souvenir Shop in Boracay

Get these ornaments from local vendors along the White Beach.

Image courtesy of Karen Bermejo

If you prefer budget-friendly souvenir items, you can also check out products made by the Malay Boracay Vendors, Peddlers, Masseurs, Manicurists Association (MABOVEN). Stalls of the group’s members are now occupying a beachfront location in Station 3. One favorite souvenir from the group is the anklet made of Puka shells. They also have home decors and ornaments made of Puka shells and other local materials. Items like coin purses and bracelets with names are also offered by these local vendors.

Whether you're bringing home something for yourself or for a loved one, these souvenirs will always remind you of your memorable stay in Boracay, no matter how big or small they are.

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Which Boracay souvenir caught your eye? Tell us in the comments section!

This article was originally published in Yoorekka on January 4, 2019.

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