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This Week in Boracay (February 8 to 14, 2020)

Don't worry; Boracay is still free from nCoV cases.

By: Karen Bermejo | February 08, 2020
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The threat of the new coronavirus (nCoV) has been affecting Boracay's tourism and at the same time causing alarm to the locals. However, authorities assured that the island is free from the virus. Meanwhile, the sunny weather this week makes it a good time to enjoy the beach, especially since it’s Valentine’s week. For these news and more updates, keep reading.

Weather: Mostly sunny

This week will be mostly sunny, but morning rains especially in the beginning of the week are still expected [1]. While it’s sunny, the cold amihan weather experienced in other parts of the country also makes it less humid in Boracay. This week’s maximum temperature is just 29°C, markedly lower compared to the usual hotter temperature on the island. The weather is perfect for a stroll along White Beach even during midday, as Boracay’s white sand remains cold despite the heat. This week's sunny weather is also a signal to enjoy some water sports activities while on the island.

Traffic News: Road rehab still incomplete

More than one year since the island was reopened for tourists, road rehabilitation is not yet close to completion [2]. Some residents are even noticing the unfinished portions of the road on the other side of the island, particularly in the area of Bolabog. In response to this, the Boracay Interagency Task Force clarified that the road rehabilitation is still within schedule and is eyed for completion by May 2020 [3].

Travel Updates

China flights temporarily stopped

Direct flights from Wuhan, China to Kalibo Airport as well as other flights from China were temporarily stopped by some airlines. This is to ensure that the spread of the nCoV will be prevented. In line with this, the Sangguniang Bayan (City Council) of Malay, Aklan ordered to temporarily ban flights from China. The ban, however, did not receive a positive reaction from the representative of the Chinese embassy on the island. The local liaison officer of the Chinese embassy got “surprised” with the ban [5]. He said that the ban would have an economic impact on the island’s tourism industry, adding that Chinese tourists topped Boracay’s arrival last year.

nCoV scare threatens Boracay tourism too

Weeks after the outbreak of the nCoV started, its impact on the island’s tourism industry is already felt. Local water sports associations reported that their income was slashed by almost 60 percent compared to the same period last year. Water sports activities are losing up to 600 customers per day since the majority of the guests doing it are Chinese. Due to this, some groups are already planning to lessen working hours to avoid laying off employees.

Boracay still nCoV Free

The Local Government of Malay assures that Boracay is safe and free from the new coronavirus. In a recent advisory, the local government assured that there are no persons under investigation in Boracay and in mainland Malay for the virus. The public is however advised to practice proper hygiene. Frequent hand washing and covering the mouth and nose when coughing are strongly urged. The public is also urged to avoid sharing fake news on social media and to only share correct information from credible sources, like the Department of Health.

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