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Reserve a Day for Cebu's First Ever Theme Park, Anjo World Theme Park

Be informed on what you can do inside Anjo World Theme Park, the first amusement park in Cebu!

By: Peter Parcon | October 17, 2019
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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the establishment featured in this article might have adjusted operating hours and a set of health protocols and requirements for visitors. Please coordinate with the management before visiting.

anjo world theme park

Guests can look forward to several rides and other attractions when they visit Anjo World Theme Park.

Image: @giglax32

Cebu is gradually becoming an all-in-one destination for everyone in the family. In the past, it was all about beaches, mountains, waterfalls, heritage sites, and more beaches. But these days, this little island in the middle of the archipelago offers more than just these already-impressive tourist spots. Tourists can now swim with the whale sharks in Oslob, go on a safari adventure in Carmen, take a walking tour of the heritage sites of the city, check out the oceanarium at Cebu Ocean Park, and stop and smell the roses in the flower gardens in the mountains. All these attractions have tourists catching the travel bug and taking a trip to Cebu.

And now, there is another reason for people to travel to Cebu: Anjo World Theme Park. Located in the southern town of Minglanilla, Anjo World Theme Park is the first amusement park in Cebu. Let us take a peek at the things to do while at Anjo World Theme Park.

1. Exciting Rides


The Viking is docked and ready to take you for a ride at Anjo World.

Image: Aligato John Ray’s Facebook page

What’s a theme park without rides? Probably just a simple park. Well, Anjo World Theme Park has twelve exciting rides where kids of all ages can have the time of their lives. The Golden Carousel, London Taxi, Space Shuttle, and Mr. Cup will likely appeal to people looking forward to a relaxing afternoon at the park. But if you are looking to have some excitement in your life, you may want to check out the Tower Drop, Viking, Mr. Toad, Boomerang, and Hip Hop rides. Want to test your driving skills . . . on water? The Bumper Boats are waiting for you. Looking for your adrenaline rush for the day? You can check out the Spinning Roller Coaster. But if you simply want to have a bird’s-eye view of Cebu, the 200-foot Ferris wheel will take your breath away. While there are height restrictions for the rides, you can look forward to getting on any ride or five if you are at least 36 inches tall.

2. Snow World Cebu

theme park

After sweating it out at the rides, you can cool off at Snow World Cebu.

Image: Snow World Cebu Facebook page

After going on the ride of your life, you may want to cool off at Snow World Cebu. You can experience a white Christmas in the middle of summer with its ice sculptures, ice slide, and snow. Moreover, the viewing deck allows you to check out the action of the place. You may even have a cup of hot coffee or chocolate at the café. Additionally, you have unlimited entry into the place for the whole day. So you can go into the place each time you feel the heat rising after checking out the rides at the theme park. It is important to know, though, that access to Snow World requires a different pass from the rides at Anjo World Theme Park.

3. FUNtastic Arena

amusement park

Cute stuffed toys are waiting for their new owners at the Funtastic Arena of Anjo World Theme Park.

Image: Anjo World Theme Park Facebook page

The FUNtastic Arena is one of the newest attractions at Anjo World Theme Park. Purchasing tokens gives you the chance to play your favorite mid-way games such as sinking that winning shot at Hoops or testing your aim with Smash. Good with angles? You can check out Ball Bounce or Goblet Toss. If you had fun tossing rings on a peg when you were a kid, you will likely love Beer Toss. Moreover, winning a game gets you a cute and cuddly prize for someone special in your life.

4. Grub Hub Food Park

anjo world theme park

Grub Hub is big enough to seat 400 diners at the same time.

Image: Grub Hub Food Park Facebook page

Checking out the rides will leave you hungry at the end of the day. Good thing Anjo World Theme Park has its own food park, Grub Hub. The open-air food park features eight restaurants, ten food stalls, and enough seats for 400 people taking a bite to eat at the same time. You can try the silog (garlic fried rice and egg meal) at Silog Terminal or have a taste of Arabia at Habiba Shawarma & Fried Chicken. Looking for something Italian? The pizza and pasta at Aventino’s may be your thing. Meanwhile, people looking for piping hot pospas (rice gruel with meat) can check out Tatay’s Pospas Hut. And what’s a food park without the world-famous Cebu lechon (roasted pig)? While you can grab a kilo or two at Cebu Tasty Lechon, just make sure to check your blood pressure right after. If you are looking for a sandwich instead, then The Ultimate Sandwich Station is your destination. The food park also has several stalls offering drinks and shakes, including Thirsty Fruits and Shakes, Lloyd’s Coffee, The Lemon Co., and Bubble Tea Station. Moreover, Grub Hub also hosts events, such as their Acoustic Saturday and Open Mic Night during the weekends.

5. Souvenir Shopping


Shopping for souvenirs allows guests to bring a memento from their visit to Anjo World Theme Park.

Image: Jessica Mei Kian’s Facebook page

At the end of the day, you may be looking forward to going home. But you can pass by the souvenir shop to pick up a memento or two from your visit. Aside from the souvenir shop, Anjo World Theme Park also has several retail shops for some last-minute shopping. Additionally, the anchor store of Anjo World Theme Park, Robinson’s Supermarket, offers everything you may need at home for the coming week.

6. Unlimited rides for the day

theme park

Guests can opt for the unlimited ride access at Anjo World Theme Park.

Image: Gomez GM Razel’s Facebook page

Similar to Snow World Cebu, guests at Anjo World Theme Park have the option of getting unlimited access to all the rides of the theme park. They can either get an unlimited pass to the theme park only or an unlimited pass to both the theme park and Snow World Cebu. So you can ride all day until you pass out . . . maybe not.

Details about Anjo World Theme Park

amusement park

The Ferris wheel is patiently waiting to take guests up in the sky at fun at Anjo World Theme Park.

Image: Anjo World Theme Park Facebook page

Entrance Fees (per person):
Monday to Friday
Day Adventure Pass - PhP500
Day Adventure Pass with Snow World - PhP700
3 Rides DAPL Day Adventure Pass Limited - PhP250

Saturday and Sunday
Day Adventure Pass - PhP600
Day Adventure Pass with Snow World - PhP800
3 Rides DAPL Day Adventure Pass Limited - PhP250

Snow World Day Pass (Monday to Sunday)- PhP350

Operating Hours:
Monday, Thursday, and Friday: 2:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Saturdays and Sundays: 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

How to get to Anjo World Theme Park: From Ayala Center Cebu, get on a jeepney headed for Labangon (jeepney route no. 12L) and tell the driver to let you off at Punta Princesa. From Punta Princesa, ride on a jeepney headed for Minglanilla or Naga (jeepney route no. 43 or 44). Tell the driver to drop you off at Anjo World Theme Park Theme Park in Calajoan, Minglanilla.

• Please take note that all the rides have their own height restriction for the safety of guests.
• It is not advisable for persons with hypertension or heart issues to go on the more challenging rides at the park.
• If the weather is about to turn for the worse, it may be advisable to reschedule your visit to Anjo World Theme Park since the rides may be temporarily closed until the weather clears.
• Since food and drinks bought outside are not allowed inside the park, you may want to rethink bringing your own snacks into Anjo World Theme Park.
• You should secure any loose personal belongings, such as phones and personal entertainment devices, before stepping into most of the rides at the theme park.
• Wearing slippers is not allowed for safety reasons. Masks and similar disguises are also prohibited in the theme park.

The opening of Anjo World Theme Park gives you one more thing to look forward to when you visit Cebu.

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Editor’s Note: This article was last updated on March 11, 2020.

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