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This Eco Park in Cebu Combines Comfort and Fun Adventures All At Once

For adventure seekers, here’s one attraction for you!

By: Mira Maestrecampo | October 15, 2021
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Danasan Eco Adventure Park

Experience fun adventures at Danasan Eco Adventure Park!

Images: Danasan Eco Adventure Park Facebook page

An extreme adventure trip for Christmas is a rare choice among vacationers and tourists. A majority would want to have a relaxing stay at a resort or a trip abroad for a new and fresh experience during the holiday. Well, for the adventurers at heart, the Danasan Eco Adventure Park in Cebu is waiting for you!

Safety and fun are guaranteed in this campground and outdoor recreation park, with many options for recreational activities. Prepare to be ragged and scream your heart out on an extreme adventure this Christmas in Danasan Eco Adventure Park.

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Take a dip in the pool while relaxing by the view of the luscious green trees and mountains.

Image: Danasan Eco Adventure Park Facebook page

Traveling and being fearless and adventurous are undeniably some of the most satisfying things to do in this life. Yes, Cebu, with its famous stunning beaches and breathtaking cityscapes, is home to many extreme adventure sites, like the Danasan Eco Adventure Park, which can make it happen. It provides the best services and accommodation for people who have great fashion for an extreme adventure experience.

Located in the mountainous area in Danao City, Cebu, a city known for its historic church and festivals, the recreation park offers exciting and relaxing activities that you will surely enjoy. If you are planning on a unique excursion trip this Christmas, the place will never fail you.

Upon entering, guests will pay an entrance fee of PhP50 per head. Guests can also access the free parking in the entrance area. If you are in for a swimming getaway, the cottages beside the pool are free of charge where you can bring your food with your family. For PhP100, you can access the pool to enjoy with your friends and family, perfect for a simple Christmas swimming celebration.

Enjoy thrilling activities that will pump your heart out.

attractions, eco park, atv ride

Ride in the ATV or all-terrain vehicle with your friends as you explore the vicinity and bask in the stunning views of the mountains.

Image: Danasan Eco Adventure Park Facebook page

Adventure rides and attractions, a dip in the swimming pool, dining in a restaurant, ATV or all-terrain vehicle, speedway, wakeboarding, sky drop, twin tower adventure, including wall climbing, high cable traverse, and rappelling, skybike, zipline, horseback riding, ropes course, kayaking and fish feeding, waterfalls, and trekking, tyrolean and rappelling, caving and trekking, ostrich feeding, and camping with bonfire are the recreational activities that you can do in Danasan Eco Adventure Park. Just hearing these adventure options and outdoor recreational activities excites your mind on the Christmas escapade that awaits in this outdoor recreation site.

The recreational eco-park offers many activities, and if you are bold enough to try them all on your Christmas excursion, they have prepared these adventure packages for you to choose from. For Package 1 at PhP1,200 per person, you can avail of one yellow adventure pass, one green adventure pass, one blue adventure pass, entrance fees, and round trip transportation. For Package 2 at PhP1,650 per person, you can access one yellow adventure pass, one green adventure pass, one pink adventure pass, entrance fees, and round trip transportation. Package 3 also comes with an affordable PhP1,950 per person; you can have two yellow adventure passes, one blue adventure pass, one pink adventure pass, entrance fees, and round trip transportation. The free round trip transportation schedules are 6:30 AM from Parkmall, Mandaue to Danasan, 9:00 AM from Danao (Jollibee Sands) to Danasan, and the general departure from Danasan is 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

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Experience biking with a twist! Balance your way to the top of the mountains with Danasan Eco Adventure Park’s Skybike.

Image: Danasan Eco Adventure Park Facebook Page

These adventure passes are inclusive of the activities offered by the park, and it’s a good thing that they have conceptualized a package for the guests to choose the activities quickly and enjoy and experience all the adventures.

The “blue adventures” include the skybike and ropes course for PhP250 per person and per activity. In contrast, the “green adventures” offer horseback riding, ATV for kids, three levels of waterfalls and trekking, zipline and horseback riding, and wakeboarding. These activities cost PhP380 per person and activity. For the “yellow adventures” at PhP500 per person and activity, you can enjoy the speedway, zip and bike, sky drop, caving, tyrolean, rappelling, three levels of waterfalls, and trekking. The “pink adventures” are also as thrilling as the other adventure packages for only PhP650 per person per activity. This adventure pass includes the ATV and twin tower adventure (wall climbing 60 ft. or 120 ft., high cable traverse, rappel 60 ft.).

outdoor recreational activities, active recreational activities

Rappelling and kayaking by the sunset are the water activities you should add to your Christmas adventure bucket list.

Image: Danasan Eco Adventure Park Facebook page

You can also enjoy other affordable activities without gasping your pockets. You can access the hot kawa bath for only PhP200 per person and the 30ft. wall climbing at PhP100 per person. If you want a water adventure, you can go kayaking or boating and fishing for only PhP100 per person. For animal lovers, you can interact with the cute ostriches in the ostrich feeding for only PhP20 per person. For guests who want extra security for their belongings and valuables, there is a locker fee of PhP100 per person. The Ipil Cottage rental costs PhP500 for guests to have a seat and relax by.

Get the most out of your stay with their excellent rooms.

recreational physical activities

Relax and be comfortable in these spacious rooms suited for big groups of people.

Image: Danasan Eco Adventure Park Facebook page

A day to experience all these adventures is not enough; that is why an overnight stay is highly recommended. These rooms are available for overnight stays, well sanitized, and prepared for a night recharge for the next day’s highfalutin activities.

There are many air-conditioned rooms like The Caida Rooms, suitable for eight persons at PhP4,000 per night and four persons at PhP2,800 per night. The Kamagong Rooms are available for four persons at PhP3,000 per night and two at PhP2,000 per night. They also have the Mahogany Rooms suitable for four persons at PhP2,000 per night. The Yakal Rooms are all ideal for two persons at PhP1,200 per night only. The enormous air-conditioned room is the Gmelina which costs PhP5,000 per night, suitable for ten persons. All room rates are inclusive of breakfast based on the occupancy per room except for the Gmelina Room.

For the non-air-conditioned rooms, you can book at their Acacia Rooms. The room rates vary depending on the number of persons per room: PhP2,500 per night for ten persons, PhP3,500 per night for 14 persons, and PhP5,000 for 26 persons.

Indeed, an adventure is best celebrated with friends and family this Christmas. If you are the type of person that distresses yourself with an energy-pumping, heart-throbbing escapade, then Cebu’s Danasan Eco Adventure Park is worth a try!

Location: Brgy. Danasan, Danao, Cebu, Philippines 6004 Danao City, Philippines
Distance from City Proper: Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours.
Contact Number: 0917 3013171
Budget: PhP50 to PhP5,000

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Stay safe as you travel! Make sure to follow social distancing protocols and observe health precautions wherever you go. For now, keep safe!

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