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Here’s What To Expect If You Travel to Bohol This Summer

Expect the new normal travel precautions

By: Mira Maestrecampo | March 14, 2022
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Bohol is getting ready to accept travelers this summer, and top destinations are waiting to welcome travelers in this current post-pandemic phase.

Image: Bohol Beach Club Resort Panglao Facebook page (L)

The Philippines is gradually shifting to a post-COVID phase. The government ensures that the country’s tourism industry is heightened so that it can slowly recover from the aftermath of the pandemic, where everything was temporarily halted. A well-known summer and holiday destination like Bohol is gearing up to become a more sustainable tourist destination for this year’s summer. Bohol’s natural scenic views are best enjoyed when well-equipped and prepared with the necessary travel requirements.

With the likes of tourist destinations such as Boracay and Palawan, Bohol is also in the progress of making its top tourist attractions more sustainable in preparation for this year’s summer. One instance would be the reopening of the famous Loboc river cruise, which was recently launched last March 1, after more than one and a half years of hiatus. Four more river vessels will be launched by the end of the month, attracting more travelers to revisit the Loboc River in Bohol. Each of the four cruise vessels launched can carry a capacity of 30 to 35 persons, which is 50% of its seating scope.

As of writing, Bohol is placed under Alert Level 2 classification, the second-lowest alert level system. It is foresighted to be deescalated to Alert Level 1 starting March 16 if the province maintains its low record of active cases. With this presumption, Bohol can prepare for the flock of foreign or local tourists to visit and have a long, sustainable summer vacation in Bohol.

Federal restrictions have also eased, with the country now allowing fully vaccinated travelers from non-visa countries to enter without complying with the mandatory quarantine.

Planning your Bohol summer getaway

Travelers are anticipating a ‘new normal’ travel set up in the country, and if Bohol is placed under Alert Level 1, there will be a free movement among the public. It will further boost the province’s tourism industry. Thus, tourist spots, attractions, popular summer destinations, resorts, hotels, and beaches shall be well-maintained and expected to be efficient and sustainable operations.

It would be best to prepare ahead for potential flocks of travelers, so expect a fluctuation of prices of flights bound to Bohol. A friendly tip, it will be more convenient to book your flights bound to Bohol 22 days in advance, where you can save up to 19% on the travel fees compared to booking them around a week before. [1]

July is one of the best target months, but it is also a good option if you plan to experience summer between April and May. Estimate prices of the flights around July cost from PhP2,800 to PhP4,800. The most expensive flight that you might get can range up to PhP5,600.

In April, two-way flight fares range from PhP1,200 to PhP1,500. Last-minute flights will cost around PhP2,300 to PhP2,700.

If you plan to stay in Bohol for a little longer, one-way flights also come at affordable prices from PhP626 to PhP731.

On a hopeful note, Bohol Association of Hotel, Resorts, and Restaurants President Rommel Gonzales hopes that Bohol will be classified under Alert Level 1. The provincial government shall decide to scrap the compliance of a vaccination card or a negative swab test result for travelers coming to Bohol to spend their summer holidays. Gonzales also notes that the public has regained interest in leisure travel, especially with the excellent progress in travel visits and tourist arrivals for the past weeks. [2]

When you travel in Bohol this summer, travelers must secure vaccination cards, vaccination certificates, flight tickets and get themselves boosted at the earliest time possible so that they can genuinely enjoy a worthwhile and sustainable summer vacation in Bohol this year.

At present, living with the virus is the new normal. Transitioning to the post-pandemic era, everyone must stay healthy and consistent in sanitation, continue to observe health protocols, and adhere to safety guidelines and restrictions to have enjoyable and sustainable leisure travel not in Bohol but around the whole country.

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All details and information in this article are true and accurate as of the publication date. However, while we are making our utmost effort to keep our content as up-to-date as possible, the condition surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be unpredictable, and the situation develops rapidly. Hence, some information and recommendations may have changed since this article was published. For the latest advice, visit DOH and your LGU's official websites.


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