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Quiapo: Your All-time Giveaway Shopping Destination

Head to Quiapo now for bargain but quality accessories, embroidery, and other gift items!

By: Karen Grace Libao | March 19, 2016
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Quiapo is the epitome of day-to-day life of ordinary Filipinos. Every corner of the district perfectly pictures how many Manileños manage to get by, hand in hand with the family, through hard work, and armed with a pocketful of prayers. Aside from being popularly known for the Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene (Quiapo Church) situated there, Quiapo is also dubbed as the mecca of fashion crafts by Choose Philippines and other travel and shopping blogs.

Gone are the days when Quiapo was labeled as the base of gangsters of Manila. Quiapo is now a territory dominated by shoppers (aside from the religious, especially during Fridays and Sundays) who relentlessly hoard for home essentials and giveaway finds. If you are looking for cheap items which typically cost a lot in commercialized establishments, be they sound systems, gadgets, apparels, eye wears, cosmetics, accessories, and even fresh veggies, Quiapo will be a kind of heaven for you.


Buckingham is a good spot for those who want to give gifts to large circles—friends, family clans, classmates, or office colleagues. They offer embroidery services in towels, shirts, caps, bonnets, bag tags, and more.

shopping items in quiapo manila buckingham embroidery

Available colors of shirts and towels for bulk orders

shopping items in quiapo manila buckingham embroidery

Face towels and bag tags with embroidered letters (Photos by Writer)

A letter per bag tag can cost around PhP60. Pay a minimal amount for additional letters. They also do stitching of badges for uniforms and scarves.

Price may vary per product as well as depending on customers’ design request. Interested customers can call (+632) 736-5240 for price quotes.

location_icon_20 123 Carlos Palanca Street, Quiapo, Manila
store_hours_icon_20 Mondays – Saturdays, 6:30 AM – 9:00 PM


Lacson underpass underwent a big change when a private company took charge of its operations and initiated the rehabilitation of its old, grimy interior. Aside from that, passersby feel safer now because of the security guards assigned in every entrance of the underpass.

shopping items in quiapo manila lacson underpass

Accessories stall

shopping items in quiapo manila lacson underpass

A variety of shoes that you can choose from (Photos by Writer)

While walking through the underpass, you can do impromptu shopping at the assorted stores that can be found in the area. It’s like a mini mall where shoppers can find a wide array of good deals—from clothing to bags, accessories, and even gadgets. There are also optical shops, pasalubong stalls, and Catholic relics stores.

location_icon_20 Quezon Boulevard, Quiapo Manila
store_hours_icon_20 Mondays – Thursdays&Saturdays 8:30 AM– 8:30 PM; Fridays and Sunday, 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM


This is the best destination for creative crafties who love to customize bling-blings for their friends and family. Wellmanson offers beads and sequins to complete every creative hand’s crafts. Be it colorful wampum or shimmering gold bangles, Wellmanson has got that all covered.

shopping items in quiapo manila wellmanson

Different beads and accessories

shopping items in quiapo manila wellmanson

The mouth-watering menu, ladies and gents (Photos by Writer)

What makes it extra special, definitely a shopping haven, is their Snack/Waiting Area where the crafter's company can dine in while waiting for their unstoppable gem hoarding. And yes, it is a WiFi zone.

location_icon_20 Villalobos Street, Quiapo, Manila
store_hours_icon_20 Mondays - Sundays, 9:30 AM – 7:30 PM


Those who are looking for their OOTD must-haves can drop by Urban Generation. It is situated just right at LRT Carriedo Station.

shopping items in quiapo manila urban generation

Urban Generation front view (Photo by Writer)

The ground floor welcomes the customers with shoe discounts of almost up to 50%. Men's apparels can be found at the ground floor as well, while children and women wear fill the second and third floors. From shoes to dresses to jeans, Urban Generation is a good stop for thrift shopping. Their main branch is located along Avenida, just a few meters away from the Carriedo branch.

location_icon_20 LRT Carriedo Station
store_hours_icon_20 Mondays – Sundays, 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


Hidalgo is famous to those who want to win unique items at low prices. The street can be labeled as ‘the surplus section’ of Quiapo. Buy a shirt for as low as PhP5, and a pair of jeans for PhP25? Why not! But most of all, the street is renowned as the photographers’ haven because behind all those street vendors sits a line of camera shops trusted by professional photographers. Here is where happy shoppers can find high quality cameras at a lot cheaper prices.

location_icon_20 Hidalgo Street, Quiapo Manila
store_hours_icon_20 Open 24 hours daily

Parking tips, cautions, and directions: There are parking areas within Plaza Miranda and in front of Quiapo church along Quezon Blvd. However, it’s better to not bring any wheels to avoid the stress of finding a parking lot, especially during Quiapo days and Sundays.

Those coming from the South may ride a bus going to SM Fairview and get off at Quiapo. They may also ride the LRT line 1 and get off at Carriedo Station.

Coming from the North, there are buses, jeepneys, and SUVs going to Buendia, Taft, and Baclaran that can drop off passengers in front of Quiapo church.

Expert Tips: Avoid going to Quiapo on its crowded days which are Fridays and Sundays. Always be on the lookout for your things and be extra vigilant of pickpockets. You may also ask for the last price or discounts for bulk purchase. There’s no harm in trying. Learning the art of haggling is a must! On the other hand, it's best to bring just enough money to prevent yourself from impulsive buying. Although Quiapo offers cheap finds, it’s always better to spend within your means. Happy shopping!
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