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Top 6 Best Halo-halo in the Philippines 2017

Our readers can’t resist this refreshing and filling summer treat!

By: Patricia Marie Prado | April 23, 2017
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Summer in the Philippines might be super hot and humid (and hellish!) But, what makes it a time to look forward to is, of course, the abundance of every Filipino’s favorite unique dessert during this season, the halo-halo. The mix of thinly shaved ice, fresh evaporated milk, sweetened fruits, and jelly can calm anyone’s hot head when the temperature rises.

To make your summer a little bit better, the ShoppersGuide team rounded up the best halo-halo in the country according to your votes. Read on below and make it a goal to taste all of them this summer.

6. Halo-halo sa Ugbo

best halo halo stores in the Philippines 2017

This humble halo-halo is so popular even foreigners visit Aling Consuelo’s place just to taste her creation. (Image: Xiang Juaneza)

Starting our list is halo-halo sa ugbo or Aling Consuelo’s Halo-halo. The popular dessert got its name from its location, which is Ugbo Street in Tondo, Manila. Operating since 1960s, this humble dessert corner has gained popularity over the years for its simplicity and pocket-friendly price.

Despite its simple packaging, Aling’ Consuelo’s halo-halo is a famous treat because of the generous servings of ube (purple yam), leche flan (caramel custard), and macapuno (soft-jelly coconut flesh) and more all cooked by Aling Consuelo herself and available for a cheap price of PhP30.00.

5. Kuya J's Halo-halo and Max's Halo-halo

On our fifth spot, two halo-halo made it to the list and these are Kuya J’s halo-halo and Max’s halo-halo.

best halo halo stores in the Philippines 2017

Beat the heat with Kuya J’s famous halo-halo for only PhP109.00! (Image: Charmy Sanidad Magno)

No, Kuya J’s is not owned by actor Jericho Rosales, but yes their Halo-halo Espesyal is really special. At first glance, their halo-halo looks like your typical restaurant-grade dessert, but what sets it apart is that its thinly shaved ice is actually made of milk. The sorbet-like consistency of the ice prevents it from melting easily and because it’s made of milk, it doesn’t make your halo-halo watery.

On top of the creamy ice made of milk, you’ll get heaps of ube, macapuno, various fruits, and jellies plus a bit of cornflakes for that added crunch.

best halo halo stores in the Philippines 2017

May it be for one person of even five, Max’s halo-halo is perfect for you or your group! (Image: Max’s Restaurant)

Max’s halo-halo also became a favorite because of their wide array of ingredients. For PhP137.50, you’ll get everything you’ll want in a halo-halo! A special bowl of Max’s halo-halo contains sweet beans, red mongo, macapuno balls, garbanzos, kaong, banana, nata de coco, gulaman and langka. Then they top it off with thinly shaved ice soaked in milk with ube, leche flan, cheese, rice crispies, and a dollop of ice cream.

Another favorite in their menu is their giant halo-halo. Imagine their halo-halo special with the same set of ingredients but five times bigger! The super-sized dessert makes it perfect for sharing with your family and friends to battle the hot weather.

4. Dana Buko Cocktail's Buko Halo-halo

Voter’s comment:
“:)” – Orville

best halo halo stores in the Philippines 2017

Halo-halo served in a coconut shell? Yes please! (Image: Evie Quillain)

Number four on our list is Dana Buko Cocktail hailing all the way from Bacolod. This humble restaurant is known for their affordable meals and coconut-centric desserts. Dana’s call their halo-halo Buko Halo-halo because it is literally served inside a coconut cut in half with the meat still on the shell. It gives the customers not just a savory dessert but a fun way of eating their halo-halo. Enjoy this Instagram-worthy dessert for only PhP69.00.

3. Aristocrat Restaurant's Halo-halo and Mang Inasal's Halo-halo

On our top three, Aristocrat Restaurant’s halo-halo and Mang Inasal’s halo-halo made the list.

best halo halo stores in the Philippines 2017

Enjoy this big scoop of ice cream along with your halo-halo at Aristocrat’s! (Image: The Original Aristocrat)

Aristocrat Restaurant is an authority when it comes to good food. Having been around since the 1930s, they’ve become a legend in the local scene and their dishes like chicken barbecue and crispy pata have been favorites by many Filipinos ever since.

But aside from the savory dishes, their halo-halo has been a popular menu item, too! The colorful contrasts of yellow banana and langka, red nata de coco, and brown mongo beans are a feast for the eyes. These sweet ingredients mixed all together plus the large scoop of ube ice cream on top make it a heavenly dessert.

best halo halo stores in the Philippines 2017

Mang Inasal’s halo-halo is not just for merienda, but for any time of the day! (Image: Mang Inasal Philippines)

Same with Aristocrat Restaurant, Mang Inasal is a well-loved fast food chain in the country known for their chicken barbecue and unlimited rice. But aside from their grilled favorites, their desserts, especially the halo-halo is also making a name for itself.

Mang Inasal markets their Pinoy Halo-halo priced at PhP73.00 as a merienda or afternoon snack, but this colorful and creamy concoction can be devoured any time of the day. Mang Inasal prides itself with their ‘special milk’ that makes it creamier than other halo-halo.

2. Café Via Mare's Halo-halo

best halo halo stores in the Philippines 2017

Enjoy Café Via Mare’s halo-halo made only with the freshest ingredients for only PhP162.00. (Image: Viamare PH)

Aside from their famous bibingka, Café Via Mare’s halo-halo also has a strong following, creating legions of fans over the years. The café prides itself in using only freshly made ingredients cooked in their kitchen and not the usual processed sweetened fruits straight from the jar. The sweetness and creaminess of their halo-halo is also well-balanced because instead of using sugar, they create their own syrup to create unique flavors.

Aside from their halo-halo, Café Via Mare also created a ‘shooters’ version of the dessert so you could sample it along with their other best-sellers, guinomis and mais con hielo.

1. Chowking's Halo-halo and Razon's Halo-halo

Finally, Chowking’s Halo-halo and Razon’s Halo-halo both claimed the top spot for the best halo-halo in the country.

best halo halo stores in the Philippines 2017

Nothing is more synonymous to halo-halo other than Chowking’s. (Image: Chowking)

Every time the word ‘halo-halo’ is mentioned, only one name comes to mind and it is Chowking. The fast-food giant brought the unique Filipino dessert to the mainstream media and elevated it from a typical merienda to a more upscale but still affordable treat. Their inside-out version of the dessert, where the ingredients are served on top and the ice at the bottom, has also become iconic over the years. Their halo-halo is flavorful, generous when it comes to the ingredients, and super affordable at PhP50.00, which makes it a perfect go-to dessert.

Voter’s comment:
“I like their shaved ice plus the ingredients that is so sweet!” – @kyutkat

best halo halo stores in the Philippines 2017

Taste the original Razon’s halo-halo all the way from Pampanga. (Image: Antonio Jose Ongpauco Gaba)

Also on the top spot is Razon’s halo-halo. Originally from Pampanga, what started out as a small family business is now a popular eating joint all over the metro. But despite the popularity, the four Razon siblings—Virgina, Severina, Elena, and Roger— and their clan claims that the original ones are all in Pampanga and in some spots of Quezon City only.

Pampanga may be a long drive, but the authenticity of the taste is your reward. Made with only three ingredients, namely macapuno, saba (type of banana), and leche flan, their halo-halo is packed with amazing flavors because the young Razons’ still follow their grandparents’ way of cooking. And adding the powdery shaved ice makes it all the more better.

Excited to try halo-halo from other stores in Metro Manila? Check our list of shops with halo-halo in their menu or browse for more local choices!

Click the store name links to see their addresses and contact numbers.

Prices may change without prior notice.

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