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5 Important Amenities to Consider When Choosing a Condo Unit

Don’t overlook these features when looking for the perfect condo!

By: Eunice Sheene Fulgencio | February 27, 2018
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condo amenities checklist

Congratulations! After all the struggle, sacrifices, and overtimes you had to endure at work, you can now afford to step up your way of living and afford a condo unit for yourself. Now, the last thing you want is for your hard-earned money to be wasted on a unit that is not capable of giving you your best life, right?

Despite popular belief, the location, developer, and price aren’t the only considerations when choosing a condo unit. Here are other seemingly unimportant but really crucial condo amenities you should be looking for before making the big move.

1. Top-notch security

condo amenities checklist

First-rate security when buying a condo unit should be non-negotiable.

As always, safety first. You would want to have peace of mind and not have to worry about danger finding you in the comforts of your own home. Check if the building is equipped with cameras and video surveillance, well-lit hallways and parking areas, locked exterior doors, and security guards on duty 24/7. Besides these safety measures, the condo should also have a solid emergency plan and emergency escape routes in case of natural disasters, flood, fire, or power failure.

2. Adequate storage space

condo amenities checklist

All of your things should have a space of their own.

Although cramped quarters are inevitable in condo living, you would want at least enough space to put all of your stuff in. In the unit itself, you should look for sizeable kitchen cupboards, bathroom storage, bedroom closets, and living and dining room cabinets. If you are not very organized with your stuff (or have the tendencies of being a hoarder), it is more advisable to look for buildings which offer basement or attic storage for its tenants.

3. Stable internet

condo amenities checklist

Fast, reliable Internet has become a vital need for humanity.

Over the years, the internet has become a necessity for everyone. All of the daily information that one needs (e.g., how the weather is going to be or the state of traffic in an area) can be found online, so it’s good to stay connected not just at work but also at home. Some condo communities include free Wi-Fi either in each unit or in common areas such as hallways and lobbies while other developments offer internet installation when a unit gets occupied.

4. Recreational features

condo amenities checklist

An idyllic condo complex should have fun activities.

With all the stress that work, personal relationships, and living in a major city bring, having a well-balanced life is always ideal and, therefore, something everyone should strive for. After hustling all day, you are more than deserving to unwind, let loose, and breathe. Some examples of features for recreation you should be looking for are a swimming pool, a gym, and a jogging lane. And while your building won’t possess all special features (since the reality is, you can’t have it all), it should at least have some of them.

5. Eco-friendly features

condo amenities checklist

Eco-friendly features in a condominium complex should be given more importance.

Green living won’t only help save the environment, but it will also save you from the worsening pollution in the city. An eco-friendly condo should have an area or two, be it a garden or a landscaped outdoor space, for you to breathe in. This’ll be a welcome change from inhaling smog and vehicle exhaust all day long. It should also be furnished with energy-saving appliances which is not only good for the environment but also a big help to lowering your utility bills.

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Purchasing your very own condo is a milestone you should be proud of but should also be very careful with. If your chosen building has some (or all) of the amenities mentioned above, you just might have found the space for you.

What are your “non-negotiables” when it comes to condo hunting? Tell us about them in the comments below!

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