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Top Outdoor Activities Kids will Enjoy this Summer Season

Have fun with your little ones this summer season with these family outdoor activities!

By: Peter Parcon | April 28, 2019
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outdoor activities kids

Build a stronger bond with your kids with these outdoor activities.

School’s out and summer is here. With this, you may be wracking your brains for fun activities to keep your kids busy during the season. While summer sports activities may be an option, you may also want to try outdoor activities kids can enjoy. These activities will not only expose them to the great outdoors, but also give them the chance to apply what they learned in school.

We asked our readers about the best outdoor activities kids can do for summer. And here are the results:

6. Kite Flying

fun activities

There are even kites shaped like boxes.

To keep kids from being too engrossed with their gadgets the whole summer, you should introduce them to an activity that is as fun as summer itself: kite flying. Kite flying is an activity that develops hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills. In addition, it also allows your kids to learn more about science and apply what they learned about the weather in school.

This outdoor activity also does not cost that much since you only need a large piece of lightweight fabric, bamboo canes, a stapler with staples, string, and pair of scissors. There are even some creative kids who use old newspapers in place of the fabric.

Tip: When flying a kite, it is important to look for a wide open area away from buildings and other similar structures. You should also avoid flying the kite close to power lines or electric posts to avoid accidents.

5. Camping

summer activities

When the sun starts to set over the horizon, everyone can gather around the campfire and share stories.

The next summer outdoor activity for kids is camping. Camping involves staying outdoors and sleeping inside a tent within parks and forests far from developed areas. Who does not love camping? In fact, glamping or glamorous camping is gradually gaining popularity among adults who also want to enjoy the great outdoors while having some of the creature comforts of a home or hotel.

Aside from the tent, you may want to bring headlamps, glow sticks, and easy-to-cook meals. A hydration system is also advisable to pack along to keep the young ones hydrated while hiking to the campsite. A first aid kit is also another essential item to bring when you go camping with your kids.

Tip: Before you go camping, it is important to plan ahead and check out your campsite before you bring your kids along. You can also have a test run and camp in your backyard first before roughing it out.

4. Trekking


The rewards of trekking normally come toward the end of the journey.

Camping sometimes involves another summer outdoor activity, trekking. Trekking is a recreational activity involving walking or hiking for over a day. While it can be short, it may also involve camping outdoors.

Although it may be challenging for some kids to go trekking, it can be an interesting activity for them since they may encounter different things during the trek. They may see chickens, frogs, waterfalls, caves, and other things that may pique their interest. These fascinating sights may even encourage kids to continue trekking since they may have only encountered these things on television or on the Internet.

Tip: Before you go trekking, make sure you have all the necessary things needed for the trek. A good hydration system is also a must. Bring any medication your kid may need while on the journey.

3. Biking

fun things to do

Biking allows you to bond with your kids as you make your way around a mountainous route

Some people may not have any nearby open spaces for kite flying or have no time for camping or trekking. But, this does not mean their kids will just stay indoors during the summer since they can go biking. Aside from encouraging your kids to go outside, biking also helps strengthen their leg muscles and build stamina. In addition, it also helps boost their positive attitude and keeps them mentally alert.

Riding a bike also has some challenges, such as the risk of getting injured by falling off or crashing. Due to this, it is important to let your kids wear proper safety gear while biking. You can also equip the bike with suitable safety equipment, such as bells, lights, and reflectors.

Tip: Set rules your kids have to follow when they use their bikes. These rules may include wearing suitable shoes and long trousers. You should also emphasize the importance of riding while the sun is still up or staying within the neighborhood.

2. Picnic

family outdoor activities

Picnic food can be simple yet delicious meals you can enjoy at the park.

A picnic is a recreational activity the whole family can enjoy. These are meals taken outdoors in places with a good view like a park, mountainside, or lakeside. They may also be in connection with public events. While they are meant for midday breakfasts, they can also be done late in the afternoon or early evening.

Some good picnic food for kids includes fried chicken, sandwiches, spaghetti, and fresh fruits. Aside from eating, there are other activities you can do with the kids while out on a picnic. You can play kickball, charades, or go on a scavenger hunt.

Tip: You may want to spruce up the food you will bring to the picnic. For instance, instead of bringing cut up watermelons, you can make watermelon popsicles or you can make bite-sized mini sandwiches. This will give kids something to look forward to when you go out on a picnic.

1. Swimming

family outdoor activities

Teaching kids to swim at an early age may eventually lead to competitive swimming.

On top of this list of outdoor activities for kids during the summer is swimming. With the country being an archipelago, it is not surprising our readers picked this recreational activity. Swimming is a low impact recreational activity offering numerous physical and mental health benefits.

Kids as young as six months old can learn how to swim. You can enroll them in special swimming classes so they can develop their swimming abilities and enhance muscle memory. This is a skill that will benefit your kids their entire life. You may opt to let them swim in an indoor fresh water swimming pool or when you are confident enough about their swimming skills, out at the beach. Just make sure to keep an eye on them while they are in the water.

Tip: Make sure your kids stretch and warm up their joints and muscles before they take a dip. Despite being in a body of water, they should always remain hydrated to avoid cramps while in the water.

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Time spent with the kids is always time well spent. Which of these outdoor activities would you want your kids to enjoy during the summer?
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