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8 of the Most Beautiful Garden Wedding Venues in Tagaytay

Turn your dream wedding into a reality at these Tagaytay Wedding Venues!

By: Viktor Austria | November 17, 2022
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Tagaytay’s trademark high altitude offering magnificent views is the start of your dream wedding experience.

Images: Hillcreek Gardens Tagaytay Facebook page

With its unmistakable aura, it shouldn’t be surprising that many couples who plan to tie the knot have their ceremony at Tagaytay’s heavenly highlands. If you and your significant one plan a garden wedding in Tagaytay, this is probably your sign! Take only a couple of hours’ drive, and you will be whisked to a place with a magnificent panorama of nature: Tagaytay.

The balmy Tagaytay breeze calls you to snub the regular church ceremony for a scenic outdoor wedding venue. Care to browse your options? Check out our list of garden wedding venues in Tagaytay! You only get one shot on your best day, so make sure it will be at a unique wedding venue in Tagaytay.

1. Taal Vista Hotel

Location: Kilometer 60, Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City
Contact No.: 046 413 1000

Garden Wedding Venues In Tagaytay

The green lawn sprawls wide amidst the estate, giving Taal Vista Hotel its modest but unique charm.

Image: Taal Vista Hotel Facebook page

At Taal Vista Hotel, guests return to basics without sacrificing luxury. Its flat, sprawling garden space is the perfect vantage point to view the breathtaking vista of the Taal Lake and Volcano for a garden wedding venue in Tagaytay. However, aside from the quaint expansive lawn they’ve been known for, if you plan to have a Tagaytay wedding venue, they also have a distinguished banquet team composed of trained and highly-skilled staff. They’re always ready to make magic happen for an outdoor wedding venue, and your wedding ceremony shouldn’t be any less than that: magical.

What’s the ideal budget? The Reception rate is around PhP341,000 to PhP1,012,000 for the first 100 persons, depending on whether it’s peak or low season. Meanwhile, the ceremony at the garden wedding venue in Tagaytay is PhP100,000.

2. Hillcreek Gardens Tagaytay

Location: 134 Tagaytay-Alfonso Road, Barangay Sikat Alfonso, Luksuhin, Cavite
Contact No.: 0917 8375413

Tagaytay Wedding Venue

Hillcreek Gardens Tagaytay is all about sophistication that brings you intimately close to nature.

Image: Hillcreek Gardens Tagaytay Facebook page

If the last venue’s scenery was too humble for you, perhaps the more robust and eclectic nature offerings of Hillcreek Gardens reach your standards of a garden wedding venue in Tagaytay. This fantastic spot for garden weddings in Tagaytay is situated on the boundary of Tagaytay and Alfonso in Cavite; Hillcreek Gardens flourishes amidst a 3.2-hectare private estate and coffee farm. Inside is a rustic yet nonetheless charming chapel, footbridges overlooking clear fish ponds, and pocket gardens with flowers that bloom all year round, a great option to have a garden wedding venue in Tagaytay.

What’s more, they have their in-house restaurant. If the food from this Tagaytay wedding venue didn’t fill you, a serving of their most delectable dishes probably will.

What’s the ideal budget? Ceremony and reception rates range from PhP130,000 to PhP300,000 for the venue only—also, PhP299,800 to 1,016,200 for all-in packages, depending on the guest volume.

3. Fernwood Gardens Tagaytay

Location: Purok 134, Barangay Neogan, Tagaytay City
Contact No.: 0917 5823606

Garden Wedding In Tagaytay

The stunning colors from Fernwood Gardens’ outdoor vista never fail to tick off the right boxes in any bride’s list.

Image: Fernwood Gardens Tagaytay Facebook page

Another garden wedding venue in Tagaytay that embodies sophistication is the Fernwood Gardens in Barangay Neogan in Tagaytay City. Boasting a vast 5-hectare area, Fernwood Gardens sits atop a majestic ridge that offers a splendid view of Taal Lake.

Everything about this outdoor wedding venue is luxurious. Mirroring its sister locations in Quezon City and Alabang, Fernwood Gardens draws its ambiance from the thick vegetation and tropical trees, the variety of vivid flowers and scenic landscapes, and its altogether classy motif. Choose your garden wedding venue in Tagaytay among the Mozart Garden, Vivaldi Garden, and Schubert Garden—all magnificent in their own right, which makes choosing that much harder for any Tagaytay couple.

What’s the ideal budget? Tagaytay wedding venue rentals for its outdoor gardens, with capacities of 150 to 230 guests, differ in prices depending on the garden you want to book and the time of the function. For 2020, fees range from PhP100,000 to PhP175,000. The customized all-in package is PhP686,250.

4. Mahogany Place Tagaytay

Location: 9082 G.P. Enrile St., Purok 145, Patutong Malaki South, Tagaytay City
Contact No.: 02 475 9265

Garden Wedding Venues In Tagaytay

Breathe in the cool breeze from this prime outdoor venue at the heart of Tagaytay City itself.

Image: Mahogany Place Tagaytay Facebook page

Time to take a detour to a humbler garden wedding venue in Tagaytay: Mahogany Place Tagaytay. At the heart of the highland city, Mahogany Place Tagaytay is relatively newer than other staple wedding venues in Tagaytay within range. Take a gander at its Tuscan-inspired garden wedding in Tagaytay, with its well-kept lawn space and majestic topiaries. It’s peaceful yet elegant, modest yet sophisticated.

The Gazebo is your ideal option for a more intimate outdoor wedding venue joined only by your closest guests. But if you prefer a broader space offering greater liberty, you can make it work at the Tuscan Garden.

What’s the ideal budget? Garden wedding venue in Tagaytay rental rates for their open garden venues are PhP62,000 to PhP157,000.

5. Sonya’s Garden

Location: Barangay Buck Estate, Alfonso, Cavite, 4123 (near the border of Tagaytay City)
Contact Nos.: 0917 5161080 / 0917 7033442

Tagaytay Wedding Venue

Sonya’s Garden teaches all newlyweds the art of simplicity and letting nature’s beauty take over.

Image: Sonya’s Garden Facebook page

Sonya’s Garden is perhaps the most effortless yet undoubtedly stunning Tagaytay wedding venue on the list. Left and right, you will see plants that flourish by themselves with little to no human intervention and flowers, orchids, and other types of bloom that fill the outdoor wedding venue with vibrant colors.

This is also why Sonya’s Garden is the most cost-effective choice for a garden wedding venue in Tagaytay. From their buffet options to bed and breakfast, they are sourced from or spent amidst the rich abundance of nature. A wedding ceremony beneath their greeneries is a union between lovers and a partnership with Mother Nature.

What’s the ideal budget? Venue rental is at PhP100,000 to PhP150,000, depending on the venue type; reception rates are around PhP1,055 to PhP1,550 per head.

6. The Q Hotel

Location: Lagusan Road, Tolentino East, Tagaytay
Contact No.: 0915 0051620

Garden Wedding In Tagaytay

Escape the buzz of the busy metro and seal the deal at this blissful outdoor venue at The Q Hotel.

Image: The Q Hotel and Events Facebook page

What sets the lofty The Q Hotel apart from other garden wedding venue in Tagaytay is its reverence for flair and luxury. And it’s undeniable, too: its contemporary Mediterranean landscape and motif are a heavenly sight to behold and gives your wedding ceremony that fairy-tale aura that makes it an extraordinary memory.

Its hotel amenities aren’t to be overlooked as well. This Tagaytay wedding venue is located in the northeastern part of Tagaytay, it’s nestled far away from the fuss of Tagaytay City, but the hotel still holds the charm and ambiance of the highlands and provides newlyweds the exquisite treatment they deserve.

What’s the ideal budget? The rental rate for this garden wedding venue in Tagaytay is PhP55,000 (indoor) and PhP25,000 to PhP35,000 (outdoor).

7. Clear Water House Tagaytay

Location: Kilometer 58, Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, Maharlika East, Tagaytay City
Contact No.: 046 483 5307

Garden Wedding Venues In Tagaytay

The closest your outdoor fantasy wedding will come to reality is at Clear Water House Tagaytay.

Image: Weddings at Clear Water House Facebook page

Having a garden wedding at Clear Water House Tagaytay best capture all our cinematic dreams of what an outdoor wedding venue looks like. Reciting your vows while overlooking the majestic Taal Lake, with all your most loved guests seated in perfectly aligned white lawn chairs—it’s a classic moment that doesn’t compromise on all the conveniences of modern-day living.

This garden wedding venue in Tagaytay, an ancestral space that can perfectly accommodate a couple of hundred guests, is a quick one-hour drive from the flurry of the metro scene and is the perfect retreat for everyone’s mind, body, and soul.

What’s the ideal budget? Contact Clear Water House Tagaytay for details.

8. Tagaytay Wedding Café

Location: Crisanto M. De Los Reyes Avenue, Barangay Amadeo

Tagaytay Wedding Venue

Take in the simple yet sophisticated sceneries of Tagaytay Wedding Cafe’s garden space.

Image: Tagaytay Wedding Cafe official website

Last on our list of Tagaytay wedding venues is The Tagaytay Wedding Café, set in the heart of Amadeo, Cavite; it believes that significant events should be blissful as they are turned into memories worth remembering. Here, the ever-accommodating staff is always up and ready to tend to their client’s needs, paying meticulous attention to planning a garden wedding venue in Tagaytay and executing your once-in-a-lifetime wedding ceremony.

The aptly-named wedding venue in Tagaytay prides itself in providing an exquisite menu to all its welcomed guests. It may be tucked in the town’s intimate corners, which makes the memory much more enchanting.

What’s the ideal budget? Contact Tagaytay Wedding Café for details.

What’s the ideal budget? Contact Tagaytay Wedding Café for details.

Let us know which garden wedding venues you’re eyeing for your big day!

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