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Here's What Your Room Decor for 2020 Should Be Based on Your Star Sign

Make your bedroom design reflect your zodiac sign!

By: Antonette Louise Guiao | January 02, 2020
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room decor 2020

If you’re looking for a sign to decorate according to your zodiac, this is it!

Astrology and zodiac signs are always a fun topic to talk about. The thought of being associated with constellations, planets, and the universe in general can be really mesmerizing. For the uninitiated, the zodiac signs basically refer to twelve sectors in the sky, and every person is assigned a sign depending on his or her birth date. It is believed that your zodiac sign can say much about your personality, career, and relationships, plus it might even predict your future!

Perhaps you already know everything about your zodiac sign and what the stars have in store for you, and you’re in the mood to express yourself through your sign. One fun way to do so is by getting a room decor for 2020 that suits your sign! Looking for a decor that’s unique and fits your personality can be tough. If you need a hint on what to add in your room to fully embrace your star sign, say no more! This list contains the perfect room decor for 2020 for every zodiac sign. Based on every sign’s personalities, strongest traits, and symbols or glyphs, these items will surely enhance your bedroom design!

1. Aries: Pink Curly Fur Case

Where to buy: Mandaue Foam
Price: PhP239

bedroom design

No rams were harmed in the making of the pillow: it is made of faux fur!

Image: Mandaue Foam Website

The first among the zodiac, Aries is known to be full of boldness and vibrancy, both inside and out. People born under this sign are never afraid to try something new. This fire sign is represented by a ram, so it’s only right that Aries-born people cover their pillows with these Pink Curly Fur Cases from Mandaue Foam! The pillow cases closely resemble a ram’s fur and its pink hue symbolizes the liveliness of the zodiac. With a zipper opening, these can easily fit into pillows, adding a daring Taurus touch to the room in no time!

2. Taurus: Toro Bull Head Cardboard

Price: PhP2,250

small room decor

Taurus is represented by a bull and the first earth sign in the zodiac cycle.

Image: Quirks Novelties & Curiosities Website

Here’s a craftsy and modern room decor for the Tauruses: the Toro Bull Head Cardboard from Quirks Novelties & Curiosities. Strongly representing the star sign, this do-it-yourself decoration is perfect for the ever-so-grounded and down-to-earth Taurus-borns. It is said that individuals born under this sign highly value hard work and persistence, so assembling this intricately-designed decor is sure to give satisfaction to them. It is made of non-toxic, recycled cardboard material, so there’s no need to worry about its impact on the environment.

3. Gemini: Laranja Set

Where to buy: Online at
Price: PhP1,200

cute bedrooms

The art prints are almost identical, it feels like one wouldn’t be complete without the other!

Image: Coll Girls Club Website

Represented by the twins, Geminis are usually thought of as people with two totally different personalities. They are as whimsical and fun as they are mysterious and dark. Cool Girls Club’s Laranja Set is just as eccentric and bright as Gemini-borns. These 12 x 12 art prints are inspired by Mexican architect Luis Barragan’s creations. It features bright colored walls with two same suns located at different corners. Because of the playful hues and shapes, the artworks are just as fascinating as your average Gemini!

4. Cancer: String Frame

Where to buy: Common Room PH
Price: PhP869

simple room decoration

Cancers are known to be constantly sentimental.

Image: Common Room PH Website

For the emotional and sensitive ones among the zodiacs, this lovely String Frame from Common Room PH can perfectly match a Cancer-born personality. Favorite print-outs, photos, or notes on the strings can be clipped on the strings using clothespins. The frame itself comes in four vintage colors: distressed white, wood, grey, and teal. Not only is this string frame artsy, but it is also a sentimental addition in a bedroom. Cancers value art and deeply care about their families and homes, and that makes this frame a great bedroom decor for these individuals.

5. Leo: Mini Bubble Light Box

Price: PhP450

room decor 2020

This bubble box will make any Leo-owned bedroom stand out!

Images: Quirks Novelties & Curiosities Website

Nothing can catch a Leo’s attention more than Quirks Novelties & Curiosities’ Mini Bubble Light Box! These expressive and creative individuals can now say what’s on their mind in the most creative way by writing on the blank bubble box that comes with three dry erase markers of different colors. You can either write or even draw on the bubble, which makes this the ideal decor for a playful and joyous Leo! Note that the bubble box requires three AAA batteries in order to light up.

6. Virgo: Maison Object and Silhouette Pillowcase

Where to buy: Online at
Price: PhP160

bedroom design

These elaborately-designed pillow cases belong in a museum!

Image: Metier Home Website

Virgo is the most sophisticated sign among the zodiacs. Represented by the maiden, Virgos are smart and careful and have a deep sense of humanity and the world around them. In terms of room decor, abstract decorations such as these Maison Object and Silhouette Pillowcases from Metier Home are perfect for any Virgo. Made of soft cotton velvet, these pillow cases are sure to provide not only comfort but accent in any bedroom. Plus, the graphic designs on the pillowcases depict a woman which can strongly symbolize the zodiac’s glyph, the maiden.

7. Libra: Newton Perpetual Balance Motion Toy

Where to buy: Ferry Store on Lazada
Price: PhP350

small room decor

This toy is for all the equality-loving Libras out there!

Images: Ferry Store via Lazada

This air sign immensely values balance and harmony. A Libra’s imagination is one of his or her biggest assets, and sharp-minded people under this star sign are known to be the intelligent ones among the signs. The zodiac is represented by the scales, so every Libra-born is sure to love this cute Newton Perpetual Balance Motion Toy from Lazada! This simple and modern stainless steel balance toy is suitable for any counter top, plus it can be associated with the zodiac’s glyph!

8. Scorpio: Candle Bottle Lights

Price: PhP850

cute bedrooms

Scorpio-borns love everything dark and private.

Images: Quirks Novelties & Curiosities Website

Best known for their enigma and dark characteristics, Scorpios highly value intimacy. If there’s any sign in the cycle that is dramatic and mysterious, it’s this water sign. Candles can enhance mystery and intimacy in any environment, and what better candle is there than ones that never blow out? One such item is the Candle Bottle Light from Quirks Novelties and Curiosities. These rechargeable USB candles can fit into any empty candle holder, and you can choose between a steady yellow glow or a subtle flickering effect just by twisting the “fire.” Whichever you choose, it is sure to set the mood for the secretive Scorpio!

9. Sagittarius: Adventure Arrow

Where to buy: Papemelroti
Price: PhP399

simple room decoration

This room decor definitely screams “Sagittarius”!

Image: Papemelroti Website

Adventurous, spontaneous, and all-around exciting, Sagittariuses are the biggest travelers among the zodiacs. This fire sign deserves a room decor that’s as bubbly and easy-going as their personalities, like this blue Adventure Arrow from Papemelroti! The arrow is the perfect hanging decor for any room in the house. It is made with a rustic finish and has a keyhole slot on top for easy hanging. It is also handcrafted in the Philippines, so getting one means supporting the country’s very own artisans! Besides the “Adventure” text that match your friendly neighborhood Saggie, the zodiac is represented by a centaur holding a bow and arrow, making this decor the perfect fit for any Sagittarius-born.

10. Capricorn: Zodiac Sign Jewelry Storage Box

Where to buy: Domesticity
Price: PhP425

room decor 2020

Embrace your inner Capri and preserve your jewelry in this dainty box!

Images: Domesticity Website

If there is a sign in the zodiac that gives importance to his or her public image, it’s Capricorn. Looking presentable anywhere they go is a must, and these earth signs also value practicality. If you’re a Capricorn looking for a neat and useful item to put in your room, then this lovely Zodiac Sign Jewelry Storage Box from My Domesticity is your best bet! The boxes are made of faux leather fabric packaged in a white board box. You can choose among the 12 zodiacs for the lid design, but in this case, choose Capricorn! The box is neutral colored, making it the ideal item for a Capri-born who’s usually associated with neutral hues.

11. Aquarius: Intricately Designed Fountain Figurine

Where to buy: Online at
Price: PhP1,750

bedroom design

Unconventional items like this figurine are often found in an Aquarius’ room.

Images: Unlideals Website

This Intricately Designed Fountain Figurine from Unlideals Online is a decor that the environment-loving Aquariuses will absolutely love. This air sign is always captivated by the beauty of nature and anything unconventional, and this figurine matches their personalities perfectly. The decor comes with a fixed water motor and it must be connected to electricity for free-flowing water to pour down. Note that the water must be maintained at required level so the pumping continues flawlessly. The zodiac is represented by the water bearer, so it seems fitting that this figurine is associated with the enthusiastic Aquarius-borns.

12. Pisces: Yin Yang Dream Catcher

Where to buy: on Shopee
Price: PhP186

small room decor

Here’s a sweet and personal decoration for the Pisces-borns!

Images: on Shopee

Represented by two fishes swimming in opposite directions, Pisces is best known for having two entirely different personalities rolled into one. Fueled by fantasy, art, and dreams, this water sign is no doubt the dreamer among the zodiacs. If there’s anything a Pisces-born must have in his or her room, it’s this cute Yin Yang Dream Catcher from Shopee! Fun fact: dream catchers are designed the way they are because it is believed that nightmares pass through the holes and sweet dreams are caught in the web which then slide down through the feathers and into the sleeper. Made of feathers, wooden beads, polyester thread, and a metal circle, this is the most ideal hanging decor for any dream-loving Pisces.

Express your unique personality through these zodiac sign-inspired room decorations and fuel your fascination with the stars even more!

Make sure to visit Yoorekka for more bedroom design inspiration and tips!

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