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5 No-Fail, Easy Tips in Setting the Mood for a Romantic Dinner at Home

Planning to have your Valentine's Day date at home? Here's how to prepare for it!

By: Antonette Louise Guiao | February 07, 2020
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romantic dinner at home

Go the extra mile this Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and you’re probably thinking about the activities you and your partner should do in order to celebrate the occasion. Visiting museums or staying at home while binge-watching your favorite series are some fun ideas, but nothing will beat a classic candle-lit dinner. It can be as simple or as elegant as you want it to be, but most importantly, it must give you and your partner an intimate evening together.

This Valentine's Day, rather than bringing your partner to a fancy restaurant, bring the fancy restaurant to your partner! Skip the hassle of making reservations and make your partner feel extra special in the place he or she feels safest: home! It isn't that hard; in fact, you can whip up a romantic dinner at home in seconds. Read on to see five design tips that can transform your place and help you have a romantic dinner at home that's one for the books!

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1. Add a fancy touch by draping fancy linen over your dining table.

Suggested product: European Style Polyester Round Tablecloth
Where to buy: doxiy store on Lazada
Price: PhP636

romantic dinner

This tablecloth’s got you covered.

Images: doxiy store via Lazada

Start by creating a date-night worthy dining room. Skip the everyday dining table setup: bring out your fine linen and use it to cover your table for a more sophisticated vibe. To make the table setting fancier, you can roll up a few cloth napkins with lovely designs. If you want to protect the linen, lay down place mats, but steer away from those that you usually use. In the same vein, make sure to use only fine china and cutlery for your dinner to keep it special.

Lazada’s European Style Polyester Round Tablecloth can easily turn your table into something that seems straight out of a fancy restaurant, making dinner more special. It is dust-proof, washable, and durable. It also comes in seven different colors.

2. Set the mood with candles.

Suggested product: Hosh Tealight Candles
Where to buy: SM Department Store
Price: PhP149.75


Candle-lit dinners can surely set your partner’s heart on fire.

Images: Shop SM Website

To create the perfect candle-lit dinner, the first key element is candles. Candles can make any atmosphere elegant and intimate. You can go for any type of candle, but keep a few things in mind. One, using scented candles is not recommended, for the scent can interfere with the smell and flavor of your food. Also, make sure that your candles are placed in candle holders; these will serve as their base. When it comes to colors, you can choose your partner's favorite color or a hue that fits your theme, or go for classic white candles that can blend with any table decoration.

A great go-to product is SM Store’s Hosh Tealight Candles. The tealight candles are already placed in holders, so no need to worry about them making a mess on the table. With a total burning time of four hours, the candles can surely set a romantic mood.

3. Create an intimate environment with low lighting.

Suggested product: 140pc. LED Mini Christmas Lights
Where to buy: Ace Hardware
Price: PhP349.75


These warm Christmas lights might just be ‘watt’ you need.

Images: Ace Hardware Website

While candles create a romantic tone, their light can’t exactly illuminate the entire room. You can add more light sources, but keep the lighting low. Remember that nothing says intimate more than subtle lighting. Go for those that give off warm lighting—something that can depict the color of a sunset or a cozy fireplace. For this occasion, you don’t have to buy warm-colored bulbs and change the white ones you have at home. You can always opt for alternative lights, like Christmas lights. An ideal item for this is Ace Hardware’s LED Mini Christmas Lights. The Christmas lights have 140 bulbs in total, and are as energy-efficient as they are affordable. For only PhP349, you can have a perfectly-dimmed room in no time!

4. Make the scene sweeter with a lovely bouquet of flowers.

Where to buy: Flower Delivery Philippines
Price: PhP1,600

home date

Hooray for bouquets!


Roses are red, violets are blue; dinners are romantic and flowers are, too! Flowers are one of the most popular timeless symbols of love. Not only are they beautiful, but they also smell as good as they look. They also have a way of setting the tone and are a natural complement to candles.

For a romantic atmosphere, opt for red roses, the all-time favorite. Lavish bouquets can signify the importance of your special dinner, and one store where you can get a fresh red rose bouquet is Flower Delivery PH. The roses are arranged in a round bouquet, wrapped with fancy paper, and tied up with pink laces and ribbons. There are also other flowers to choose from, including sunflowers and tulips. You can also add gifts like teddy bears and chocolates for a more personal touch. Note that this is an online flower shop, so you can only order the bouquet online.

5. Turn up the tunes and play music.

romantic dinner at home

There's nothing a little background music can't fix!

Images: doxiy store via Lazada

A famous saying goes, “When words fail, music speaks.” Music is a key element when it comes to creating an intimate ambience. All you need is the perfect playlist, and your dinner date will be twice as memorable in no time. You can choose to play your favorite songs to which you and your partner can sing along to, or hook up a playlist of romantic songs on Spotify. If you want to go the extra mile, serenade your partner with his or her favorite song!

No matter where you are or where you decide to celebrate Valentine’s Day, what’s important is that you make your partner feel extra loved and cared for this year. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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