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There’s a new waterfall discovered in Palawan!

By: Mira Maestrecampo | April 10, 2022
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Palawan and its city of Puerto Princesa are still classified under Alert Level 2 and Alert Level 1, respectively. Meanwhile, the country and its top tourist destinations, including Palawan, are entirely opening its borders to all fully vaccinated travelers bound to the country to help revive and boost the tourism sectors and establishments.

Meanwhile, a new mini tourist attraction has been found in the local barrios of Palawan, with affordable entrance fees.

As for health and vaccination, booster vaccines are currently being studied to be included in the fully vaccinated status; therefore, the health sectors are still encouraging everyone. Thus, the general public is urged to have booster shots or vaccines.

Quarantine Update: Alert Level classifications in Palawan retained

The whole province of Palawan is still classified under Alert Level 2, and Puerto Princesa City is still under Alert Level 1, effective from April 1 to April 15.

Palawan news sources officially announced the updated alert level policy last April 4, following the announcement of Acting Presidential Spokesperson Martin Andanar on March 31.

Being placed under Alert Level 2, Palawan is currently on a low transmission case status, with active cases continuing to decrease. Healthcare utilization in Palawan is low; therefore, the intensive care unit utilization rate increases.

Meanwhile, Puerto Princesa, Palawan, is still on Alert Level 1, indicating that the area has low case transmission, bed utilization, and intensive care unit utilization rates. [1]

Travel Update: Eased travel borders in Palawan and the Philippines

As the provincial government has updated and eased travel protocols, incoming local and foreign fully vaccinated travelers will only need to present their vaccination cards upon arrival in Palawan.

Governor Jose Alvarez recently implemented and signed updated and eased travel protocols through Executive Order No. 57 last March 29.

The incoming unvaccinated individuals must comply with a negative RT-PCR test result taken 72 hours before departure. Moreover, a 7-day home-based quarantine is also required for unvaccinated returning residents of Palawan.

With these updated and lenient travel policies, Provincial Information Officer Atty. Christian Jay Cojamco expressed that further easing travel policies will help the province of Palawan and its cities regain economic revival [2] and also boost the tourism sector of the area.

The less strict travel policies are also attributed to a high rate of fully vaccinated individuals within and outside Palawan. When travel policies are less severe, tourists are therefore encouraged to visit.

However, easing such travel policies and regulations does not mean the government is complacent. The Palawan provincial government is still firm on adhering to the health and safety policies from the national Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases. [3]

The Philippines has now reopened its borders to all fully vaccinated travelers on a national scope. It is officially announced by the Tourism Congress of the Philippines. [4]

At present, fully vaccinated travelers bound to any parts of the Philippines no longer need to comply with any entry exemption document as long as they comply with visa and immigration policies. But also, these inbound travelers must still provide a negative antigen or RT-PCR test result taken before departure.

President of the Tourism Congress of the Philippines Jojo Clemente says that health and safety protocols are still strictly observed in tourism establishments all over the country so that the safety of travelers and the public, in general, is still ensured. [5]

Vaccination News: Booster vaccines to be included in the full vaxxed status

The Department of Health currently studies booster vaccines to be included in fully vaccinated status. When finalized and approved, Filipinos would be required to get their booster shot to be fully immunized, which would probably be needed when an individual needs to travel or report for work, as Health Undersecretary Myrna Cabotaje said.

At present, the DOH is still strategizing ways and planning out the dissemination and encouragement for Filipinos to avail themselves of their booster vaccines.

Health Update: Pharmacy delivery services in Palawan heightened

Palaweños can now experience hassle-free pharmacy services at A Healing Pharmacy under Adventist Hospital Palawan. They have a drive-thru and delivery services for your medicine and pharmaceutical needs. Palawan residents can reach them through 0968 6835543 for Smart subscribers and 0927 8079758 for Globe subscribers. You can also call them at 0915 7888863 or 0968 5719928. [6]

What’s New?: New waterfalls discovered in Palawan

Meanwhile, Puerto Princesa hypes up Tagkuriring Falls as a new tourist destination and attraction in Palawan. This waterfall is found in Sitio Lalawigan, Simpocan. The waterfall is named after the Tagbanua word kuring, or cat, hiding amid trees in a local barangay in Palawan.

The entrance fee for Tagkuriring Falls is PhP30 only, and if tourists and hikers want to stay longer, they can also rent a cottage for only PhP200.

Visit Yoorekka Magazine for more travel and COVID-19 updates and guidelines in Palawan!

All details and information in this article are true and accurate as of the publication date. However, while we are making our utmost effort to keep our content as up-to-date as possible, the condition surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be unpredictable, and the situation is developing rapidly. Hence, some information and recommendations may have changed since this article was published. For the latest advice, visit DOH and your LGU's official websites.


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