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Reasons Why Having a Wedding Destination in Tagaytay is a Popular

We list reasons why wedding venues in Tagaytay are famous.

By: Patricia Marie Prado | December 08, 2017
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Many couples dream of a wedding destination in Tagaytay: to say “I do” in an exotic location surrounded by close family and friends and enjoy the intimacy of a small party after the ceremony. It might have been a dream to many people before, but it is slowly becoming a reality thanks to the city of Tagaytay.

But what is so special about this cold and windy city that makes it a popular wedding location? And despite the challenges of having a wedding venue in Tagaytay, what is it with Tagaytay that makes it possible?

If you, too, are thinking of having a wedding in Tagaytay and saying “I do” in this city or are just plain curious, read on.

Proximity to Manila

Wedding Destination in Tagaytay,  Wedding Venue in Tagaytay, Wedding in Tagaytay

Just a couple of hours’ drive from Manila and the beauty of Tagaytay awaits.

Images: Yana Barlaan

The first reason why couples choose to have a wedding in Tagaytay is its proximity to Manila, making it very accessible to visitors. Some destination weddings will require you to fly or cross seas just to have a wedding in a different location and experience breathtaking scenes, but the wedding destination in Tagaytay is entirely different from but still close enough to Manila to make a destination wedding dream come true. In addition, most if not all of your guests have probably visited Tagaytay before so they won’t be having a hard time navigating the city. If all else fails, there are mobile apps like Waze and Google Maps to help them out.

It’s also common courtesy for the couple to cover the accommodation of guests if they are having a destination wedding. But with having a wedding venue in Tagaytay in proximity to Manila, guests can just drive back home right after the wedding and save on the costs of booking a hotel room.

The Beautiful Scenery

Wedding Destination in Tagaytay

The lush greeneries of Tagaytay make it all the more romantic.

Images: Pintoresco

No questions asked, Tagaytay is one of the most picturesque cities in the Philippines. The sky-high pine trees, the vast greeneries, and of course, the majestic Taal Volcano all contribute to the beauty of Tagaytay and can be a wedding destination in Tagaytay. And it’s also one of the reasons why many couples choose to have a wedding in Tagaytay.

Many hotels and events places in Tagaytay offer a great view of Taal Volcano. For couples who dream of a garden wedding, Tagaytay’s lush vegetation also makes it a great choice, not to mention the cool weather that will allow everybody to be comfortable despite the outdoor setting.

A Growing Number of Suppliers

Wedding Venue in Tagaytay

Couples can now hire Tagaytay-based suppliers, from makeup artists to photographers.

Images: L, @lalovecastillo; R, Anna Sotto

Some couples might shy away from the idea of having a destination wedding because of the high cost that it entails. When the location doesn’t have many wedding suppliers, it forces couples to hire someone from Manila and fly them to the wedding venue. But this is not the case with having a wedding destination in Tagaytay anymore.

Due to the increasing popularity of wedding venues in Tagaytay, the number of suppliers based in the city has been increasing as well. From caterers to photographers, and even events coordinators and makeup artists, there are now services and suppliers that couples can hire in Tagaytay. This adds to the convenience of having a wedding in Tagaytay and it saves on transportation fees that suppliers will charge. In fact, the variety of choices has led to the first-ever Tagaytay Expo this year called “Kasalang Tagaytay,” and it featured a selection of some remarkable wedding venues in Tagaytay and suppliers in the south.

Privacy and Intimacy

Wedding in Tagaytay

A small intimate wedding is still possible in Tagaytay.

Images: Freddie Cuadra

Having a Manila wedding often means hosting big banquets, planning crazy parties, and inviting everyone in your clan because your parents say it’s the right thing to do. But for the couples who prefer a smaller and more intimate wedding theme, there are many wedding destinations in Tagaytay that may be the answer to their problem.

Albeit close to Manila, Tagaytay’s remote location is sometimes a good excuse for couples to invite a select number of people to their wedding. Aside from it being a personal choice of couples, some hotels and events venues in Tagaytay can only accommodate a small number of guests compared to the big halls in Manila. These wedding destinations in Tagaytay make weddings less crowded and give the couple more time to really talk and interact with their guests.

Cost-Effective Packages

Wedding Destination in Tagaytay

A Tagaytay wedding doesn’t have to break the bank.

Images: Raijen Photography

Some might think that having a Tagaytay wedding is expensive, but it’s actually cost-effective. Aside from the reasons mentioned above (the proximity to Manila and the growing number of Tagaytay-based suppliers), there are also plenty of wedding venues in Tagaytay and events coordinators that offer “wedding packages” to couples who want to say their “I do” in this city.

Some hotels offer packages that include free accommodations for couples when they choose their hotel as a wedding destination in Tagaytay. Some even offer everything, from the caterer to lights and sounds, and even an events host! The discretion and personal choice of the supplier should still be taken into consideration, but these packages give couples the possibility of having their wedding in Tagaytay minus the hefty price tag.

Wedding and Honeymoon in One

Wedding Venue in Tagaytay

With Batangas and Cavite nearby, one can have a honeymoon right after a Tagaytay wedding.

Images: Love Train Studios

Tagaytay is obviously a romantic place, which is one of the reasons why it’s such a good place to get married. Another good reason to choose a wedding destination in Tagaytay city is it’s also the perfect place for the newlyweds to spend some time together after the wedding, a.k.a. the honeymoon.

Aside from the beautiful spots that abound in Tagaytay, there are also nearby cities that are just a quick drive away. For instance, couples can visit Taal Volcano and have a quick hike for an adventurous honeymoon, or drive further to Batangas and enjoy a day at the beach.

Unforgettable Event

Wedding in Tagaytay

A destination wedding makes everything more special.

Images: Liana Igna-Mojica

After all is said and done, having a wedding in Tagaytay, or just having a destination wedding in Tagaytay, makes one’s big day more memorable. The change of scenery and having only the closest family and friends present makes one’s wedding all the more unforgettable.

This is the reason why it doesn’t matter sometimes how much time, effort, and money a person spends just to have their dream wedding day happen. Even if it means having it in Tagaytay or somewhere further than they’ve imagined.

Make sure to visit Yoorekka to learn and find out more about the popular wedding destinations in Tagaytay.

These are just some of the few reasons why couples choose to wed in Tagaytay. Let us know in the comments section what makes Tagaytay a special place for you!

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