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Nail Your Wedding Look with These Gorgeous Bridal Makeup Tips

Wow everyone when your groom lifts the veil with these wedding makeup tips.

By: Denisse Shawntel Tan | June 17, 2019
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bridal makeup

Wow everyone when your groom lifts the veil with these bridal makeup tips.

Weddings are one of the most carefully planned events, and the preparation period is usually a tense time for everyone involved, especially the couple. As the bride, it’s already stressful to think about the dress and shoes, the guest list, catering, venue, and more, but then you also have to think of your bridal makeup and hairstyle for the big day, too! Since this is one of the biggest days of your life, the pressure is on to look photogenic and stunning.

Choosing a flattering wedding look might be daunting, but Yoorekka will make it easier for you with these six bridal makeup tips. Read on to see six uncomplicated wedding makeup tips and ideas that can help you be selfie-ready during the big day!

1. Do a natural or “no makeup” makeup look.

Recommended item: Benefit Cosmetic’s Soft and Natural Brows Kit
Where to buy: Benefit Cosmetics
Price: PhP2,100

wedding makeup

Embrace your natural beauty by choosing minimal makeup.

Images: Left, Valerie Elash; Benefit Cosmetics Website

Not a fan of the smoky eyes and dramatic makeup look? Try the effortless-looking “no makeup” makeup. Compared to complex makeups, this look is not difficult to achieve as it is simpler. When it comes to this look, less is more. However, before putting on products on your face make sure you’ve prepped your skin first. Only apply thin layers of lightweight foundation all over your face and keep the brows natural.

To achieve natural brows, you can try Benefit Cosmetic’s Soft and Natural Brows kit. The brow kit contains tools such as the goof proof brow pencil, eyebrow stencils, and a 24-hour brow setter clear brow gel. The product comes in light, medium, and deep shades.

2. Go for an all-matte bridal look.

Recommended item: Detail Makeover’s All-Matte Eyeshadow Palette
Where to buy: Detail Makeover kiosks, Watsons, and BeautyMNL
Price: PhP265

bridal look

The palette comes in two versions: Day and Night.

Images: Left, Bryan Apen; Right, BeautyMNL

Glittery and shimmery makeup might be pretty, but it is not for everyone. If you want a gorgeous wedding look without all the shine, go for an all-matte look from eyes to lips. Detail Makeover’s All-Matte Eyeshadow Palette not only contains versatile matte colors, but it is also easy on the budget. The palette comes in nine pigmented and blendable colors. Since the palette is compact and easy to carry, you can easily bring it to the wedding for quick touch-ups.

Choose colors that match your wedding motif. For some inspiration, try a matte smoky eye as shown in the photo above. To layer and create dimensions, remember that blending is key. Don’t forget your cheeks and lips: complete your look by applying color on your cheekbones and using a matte lipstick.

3. Use highlighters to make you glow like a goddess.

Recommended item: CoverFX’s Rose Gold Bar Highlighter Palette
Where to buy: Sephora’s website
Price: PhP1,920

wedding look

Shine bright like a diamond through these highlighters.

Images: Left, Kensin Kei; Right, Sephora PH Website

Living for all things shiny? Apply this in your wedding look by using highlighters! You can glow like a goddess with a hint of shine not just on your face but also on your body.

Key areas where you can apply a highlighter like a pro are the brow bone (the space between the bottom arch of your eyebrows and eyelids), the tip of the nose, the Cupid’s bow (the curve in your upper lip), your cheekbones, the center of your chin, your collar bones, shoulders, and the corner of your inner eye. When it comes to the color of the highlighter, try warm tones like those that are in CoverFX’s Rose Gold Bar Highlighter Palette. Apply the product with a fan brush or with your fingers.

4. Experiment with false eyelashes.

Recommended item: Lavie’s Luxury Faux Lashes
Where to buy: Sephora’s website
Price: PhP350

bridal makeup

Put on falsies on your lids to add a flirty twist to your eye makeup.

Images: Left, Beatnik Peach; Right, Sephora PH Website

Mascaras are miracle workers, but when you want to go full-on glam, these aren’t enough. After you’ve perfected your eyeshadow, elevate your eye makeup by including false eyelashes. There are numerous lash designs in the market, and they usually differ in thickness, length, and material. If you’re comfortable going out of your comfort zone, you can even try bigger lashes.

If you’re a falsies newbie, get something easy to apply, like Lavie’s Luxury Faux Lashes. It can fit any eye shape or size, and it is made from 100% cruelty-free synthetic hair. In case you want to extend the dramatic look, you can also apply tiny falsies to your lower lash line.

5. Try wearing eyeliners in different colors.

Recommended item: NYX’s Vivid Brights Eyeliners
Where to buy: NYX
Price: $5.60 to $7.00 or approximately PhP291.84 to PhP364.81
* based on an exchange rate of PhP52.12 for USD1

wedding makeup

Black is a classic, but a colorful eyeliner is a must-try trend.

Images: Left, Azamat Zhanisov; Right, NYX Website

Believe it or not, black is not the only wearable eyeliner color. In fact, you can use different eyeliner colors to your advantage, as these can create flattering illusions. For example, using a brown eyeliner can create an effortless and subtle smoky eye. If you want to seem to have bigger eyes, apply white eyeliner on your waterline—the strip where the eye and eyelid meet. Meanwhile, nude eyeliners can make you look awake and alert.

If your wedding has a fun theme and you’re interested in an unconventional bridal look, go for more colorful eyeliners. NYX’s Vivid Brights Eyeliners come in vibrant colors such as red, lime green, yellow, blue, pink, green, orange, and purple. Pick a color and use it for a winged eyeliner style or give a subtle touch to your waterline.

6. Make your lips the main attraction.

Recommended item: Burt’s Bees Satin Lipstick in Jupiter Water
Where to buy: Burt’s Bees or BeautyMNL
Price: PhP795

wedding makeup

A bold lip color is never out of style.

Images: Left, Tamara Bellis; Right, BeautyMNL

Some of the tips on this list focused on the eyes, but this one is about highlighting another important part of your face: the lips. If your lips are your best asset, bring attention to them by keeping your eyeshadow, blush, and contour minimal. This will make your lip color stand out. Just make sure to balance the boldness of your lippie with equally strong eyebrows, as shown above.

A classic red is a go-to color, but if you want to try something different, you might want to check out Burt’s Bees Satin Lipstick in Jupiter Water. The lippie is in a deep eggplant shade, so it’s not only bold but also unique. It’s also made from natural moisturizing beeswax which nourishes your lips in every application.

These makeup ideas are trendy, but always remember to choose a look that is the most flattering to your features. Have a makeup trial before the big day to make sure that the look you chose works for you.

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