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6 of the Most Iconic Panagbenga Festival Events and Activities

Can you guess which events of the Baguio Flower Festival made it to the list?

By: Viktor Austria | February 01, 2021
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The Panagbenga Festival 2021 will push through, but events will be limited to curb the spread of COVID-19. The Grand Float Parade and Grand Street Parade will not be held this year, but activities like the landscaping competition are still set. Please visit the social media page of the Baguio Public Information Office for more updates.

Panagbenga Festival 2019

Color and creativity are always in full display all through the Panagbenga Festival in Baguio!

Image: I Love Panagbenga! (Baguio Flower Festival)

Over the years, thousands of Filipinos set off for the Summer Capital to sample their cold weather, exquisite food, and the peaceful environment. Every February, though, Baguio welcomes more tourists than usual for its colorful Panagbenga Festival.

The Panagbenga Festival is nothing short of spectacular, as it brings the rich culture and enduring values of Baguio and the Cordilleras to the fore. Although the Panagbenga Festival will be celebrated differently this year due to the pandemic, you can still celebrate in spirit and revisit six events that have drawn crowds over the years! Read on.

1. Baguio Blooms Exposition and Exhibition


Enjoy the sights and the sweet scent of flowers.

Image: Panagbenga Flower Festival Website

The Baguio Blooms Exposition and Exhibition is a vibrant trade fair which highlights local ingenuity and caters to flower exhibitors and merchants. With hundreds of presenters, it used to draw crowds who marvel at the plants and items on display.

2. Handog ng Panagbenga sa Pamilya Baguio


The “Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom” painting activity has become a Panagbenga tradition.

Image: Baguio Flower Festival Foundation Inc.

The virtue of the Panagbenga Festival is the unity of its community, and a huge part of what binds them as one is the families. That’s why at Handog ng Panagbenga sa Pamilya Baguio, family comes first. The event lets families enjoy various activities like an open kite-flying competition, recycled crafts competition, and a cultural variety show held by different colleges and universities. As is the custom, there will also be an open painting exhibition with the theme “Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom.”

The day-long family affair is capped off with a grand fireworks display, a pyrotechnic spectacle for the whole family to enjoy. So come one, come all! Join the children in creating childhood memories, and revisit your own in this year’s offering for the Pamilya Baguio!

3. Concert at the Park

Baguio festival

Baguio City never runs short of talent and culture to showcase, as seen in the yearly Concert at the Park.

Image: Felix Ocampo

After a suite of activities, the celebration at the grandstand closes with the traditional Concert at the Park, a gathering of the region’s top artists for a night of great music and greater company with family, friends, and even your beloved pets!

4. Panagbenga Festival Grand Street Parade and Grand Float Parade

when is Panagbenga Festival

The flower-clad floats take center stage in Panagbenga Festival’s main event, the Grand Float Parade.

Image: Panagbenga Facebook Page

What defines Panagbenga Festival are the parades, which is why locals and tourists never missed out on the annual highlight: the Grand Street Dancing Parade and the Grand Float Parade. For the Grand Street Dancing Parade, various troupes from the elementary, high school, and open category division captivate the crowd with steps to different Cordilleran choreography and rhythm. Meanwhile, a different showcase of creativity and color happens at the Grand Float Parade as floats bedecked with beautiful flowers and stunning decorations roll through Baguio’s major avenues.

This year, however, both events will not be held to avoid mass gatherings.

5. Session Road in Bloom

Panagbenga Festival 2019

Session Road swaps vehicles for tourists in this week-long celebration of culinary and cultural abundance.

Image: Panagbenga Facebook Page

For one week, Session Road in Baguio exchanges traffic for throngs of tourists in its own unique and cheerful celebration of Panagbenga Festival. The Session Road in Bloom is a week-long fair that features the region’s and the country’s top food and service concessionaires bringing their best craft and cuisines to Baguio’s major thoroughfare. Tens of thousands of attendees get the opportunity to enjoy rows upon rows of grub and goods and to listen to some of the top acts through open-air concerts and performances each day.

6. Panagbenga Festival’s Annual Pony Boy’s Day


Panagbenga’s Pony Boy’s Day is the only day where “horsing” around is the best idea for a great day!

Image: @nurseje

Much of what keeps Baguio’s tourism alive and literally kicking are the different horses that tourists ride, keep company, and take pictures with. Thus, Panagbenga Festival pays homage to the gentle horses with their very own day of celebration: the Pony Boy’s Day. During the event, horses and their ranchers from different horse clubs within and beyond Baguio gather for a day of exhibition and interactive activities with tourists. Through horse race competitions, horse pageants, and parlor games, tourists and riders alike celebrate the festival with the city’s beloved creatures.

While the festival will be different this year, the spirit, resilience, and zest for life that the Panagbenga celebrates undoubtedly remains!

Stay safe as you travel! Make sure to follow social distancing protocols and observe health precautions wherever you go. Have a great trip!

This article is based on an original article published on February 04, 2019.
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