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4 Outdoor Spots to Bike in Baguio

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By: Denisse Shawntel Tan | August 17, 2021
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Who wouldn't want to bike around Baguio City’s calm and peaceful spots?

Image: Public Information Office - City of Baguio FB Page

Baguio City is perhaps one of the most picturesque destinations in the Philippines. The urban city is complemented by nature parks and spots where tourists and locals can relax. Because of its stunning landscapes and cool air, it’s no wonder that outdoor recreational activities like hiking and cycling are popular amongst locals and visitors alike. Check out these outdoor spots in Baguio —where you can have fun while exploring Baguio’s great outdoors! If you’re planning to enjoy outdoor activities, why not try a bike in Baguio?

1. Burnham Park

Location: Jose Abad Santos Dr, Baguio, 2600 Benguet
Entrance Fee: Free

Bike in Baguio

Burnham Park is about 32.84 hectares.

Image: Public Information Office - City of Baguio FB Page

One of the popular spots in Baguio is Burnham Park—a historical urban park found in the heart of the city. Many tourists and locals flock to Burnham Park because of its spacious area for leisure activities that the whole family can enjoy, like boating, skating, eating, and cycling. Baguio Bike Rentals are available in the park, so you don’t need to bring your own to Baguio to bike.

Aside from using your bike in Baguio, it has 12 cluster areas where you can go. You can enjoy various activities: Burnham lagoon, children’s playground, skating rink, rose garden, orchidarium, Igorot Garden, Melvin Jones grandstand, Athletic Bowl, Picnic Grove, Japanese Peace Tower, pine trees of the world, and Sunshine Park.

2. Camp John Hay

Location: Loakan Road, Baguio City
Entrance Fee:
PhP48 Baguio and BLISTT (Baguio, La Trinidad, Itogon, Sablan, Tuba, and Tublay)
PhP36 for children, students, and seniors
PhP75 for outside tourists
Children below four feet are free

Baguio Bike

Tall pine trees surround the trails in Camp John Hay.

Images: Marry Fernandez (L); Joviliza Valdez (R)

Camp John Hay is a famous tourist spot for many bikers wanting to bike in Baguio due to its network of trails: Camp John Hay Trail, Yellow Trail, Gidaya Trail, and Yellow Trail National Park. These trails are great for mountain biking, trekking, jogging, and power walking. The surrounding towering pine trees make Camp John Hay a perfect spot in Baguio to bike.

When you’re done biking, you can also do outdoor activities in Camp John Hay, like zipline rides, canopy rides, and tree drops.

3. Panagbenga Park

Location: 231, Baguio, Benguet
Entrance Fee: Free

Baguio Bike Rental

Panagbenga Park is a perfect resting stop after hours of cycling.

Image: Yvonne Lia Jane Ayde

When you visit Panagbenga Park, you’re bound to find a place to bike in Baguio and different kinds of plants and flowers. This small park might not have extensive trails for miles, but its surrounding areas are perfect for quick rides. Due to its calming environment, Panagbenga Park is often a resting stop for cyclists. If you plan to bike around the area, you can rest at one of the huts in the park. A cafe is also open at the park, where you can grab quick bites and drinks.

4. Wright Park

Location: Gibraltar Rd, Baguio, Benguet
Entrance Fee: Free

Bike in Baguio

For quick strolls within the city, head to Wright Park!

Images: Dianne Bongnal

If you already love Burnham Park, then Wright Park is also a must-visit for you. As one of the best travel destinations in Baguio City, you can expect tons of recreational facilities aside from bikes in Baguio, like horseback riding and leisure walking. If you want to take a quick stroll, you can ride along Wright Park’s wide pavements. When you get tired, you can rest while surrounded by the park’s beautiful plants and trees.

Enjoy and explore what Baguio has to offer by taking quick bike rides in these spots! Visit Yoorekka Consumer Magazine for more exciting travel spots and stories in Baguio and Northern Luzon!

Stay safe as you travel! Make sure to follow social distancing protocols and observe health precautions wherever you go. Have a great trip!

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