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Best Things to Buy This Merry December

Spread the holiday cheer with these amazing finds.

By: Karen Cayamanda | December 01, 2016
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Indeed, the month of December is the most wonderful time of the year. Numerous shiny and colorful decorations in houses and establishments create a festive atmosphere that you can’t help but be excited about the coming holiday. December is also the time when most people go to shopping malls, markets, and retail stores to buy gifts for loved ones and things needed for their Christmas celebration. But aside from these holiday-related items, other great finds on sale can be found this month that will make December shopping truly exciting.

To give you some ideas, here are some of the best things you can buy in December:


Shop early this month for everything you need this holiday season. With so many things to look for, it can be overwhelming. But with this list, we can guide you in identifying the best things to buy for Christmas.


shopping goods December Philippines

Add sparkle to Christmas and New Year get-togethers with a bottle of champagne.

Champagne makes any Christmas or New Year’s Eve dinner more festive, that is why a lot of people buy a bottle or two in December. You can stock up on champagne as retail stores tend to lower their prices as demand increases during this season.

Seasonal Meats

shopping goods December Philippines

Ham and other cured meats are a staple during this season.

Seasonal meats such as ham and other cured meats are Christmas favorites and are very popular during December. Retails stores offer seasonal meats that come in different sizes and variants and they usually offer these at lower prices right after a holiday. Take advantage of this offer so you can still have ham for a post-holiday dinner.

Gift Cards

shopping goods December Philippines

Gift cards or gift certificates are also popular requests in monito-monita.

Don’t know what to give your loved ones? You may want to buy gift cards this December. There are a lot of shopping malls, retail stores, bookstores, and other establishments that offer these wonderful items. With gift cards, you can give your family and friends the opportunity to buy the item that they really want.

Christmas Decor

shopping goods December Philippines

December is of course an ideal time to buy Christmas decorations.

After all the reunions and gatherings, shopping for Christmas décor is actually a good idea. Shops tend to offer holiday decorative items at much lower prices after Christmas Day or New Year so it’s a good time to stock up on décor for next Christmas. If you don’t feel like going to the mall after your celebrations, you can always check online to score great deals on décor and other ornaments.


You can buy anything for your home anytime of the year, but in this list, we’ll show you why shopping for home-related items during December is a good idea:

Cookware and Kitchen Goods

shopping goods December Philippines

Cook up a storm this month with new and stylish cookware.

It’s the season of endless dinners and get-togethers, so a lot of people buy kitchen goods and cookware at this time of the year. And with this demand comes retailers who often offer discounts on kitchen items. Take this chance to save a lot on cookware and other cooking-related items this December.

Tools and Hardware

shopping goods December Philippines

Various tools and hardware products are popular items to buy in December.

Whether as gifts or for your own home, tools and hardware products are great things to buy this month. There is a wide selection of items to choose from, and you can get significant savings as stores offer big discounts. Checking for deals online is another great idea, especially if you want to avoid the holiday crowd in malls.



shopping goods December Philippines

Toys are popular anytime of the year, particularly during December.

When it comes to buying gifts for kids and even young adults, you can never go wrong with toys. Action figures, board games, educational pieces, and puzzles are always on the list. You can look around for amazing deals in numerous shopping malls and specialty stores. And since a lot of people are looking for toys every December, shops lower their prices to gain more buyers. So stock up on great toy products this month to get huge savings.



shopping goods December Philippines

How about a new car before the year ends?

Treat yourself for all the hard work and sacrifice you’ve done for the past year. One of the best things to buy for yourself and your family is a car. Not only will this make traveling more convenient, buying a car is a meaningful reward and tangible proof of what you’ve accomplished in the last 12 months.


Wedding Supplies, Vendors, and Services

shopping goods December Philippines

Prepare for your big day with great deals in December.

December does not only mean Christmas. For some people, it’s a time to score amazing finds on anything related to weddings. You can shop around for wedding supplies and compare service offerings of various vendors. You can also watch out for wedding products online that go on sale during this month.

What other items do you usually buy in December? Let us know in the comments section!

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