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10 Sweet Things Guys Can Do for Their Partners This Valentine's

Our readers tell how you can make her smile this Valentine’s!

By: Patricia Marie Prado | January 01, 2021
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men love to do for their special ones

Need sweet ideas for Valentine’s? You’re reading the right article!

Happy Valentine’s Day folks! Because it’s the month of love, Yoorekka is giving couples a special treat. For this week’s survey, we specifically asked men their favorite things to do for their loved ones. Not surprisingly, votes came flooding in from the most general to the most specific. Ready your hearts because we will go from corny to downright kilig with this list. Don’t worry singles, you might enjoy a laugh or two in this article as well. Read on and see sweet ideas for your Valentine celebrations!

10. Take her to watch the bay at Pope John Paul II Watch Tower.


Bacolod Pier at dusk

Image: Ceejhay De Leon Driza

To start our list, our first activity is to take her to Pope John Paul II Watch Tower. This is located in Bacolod, the site where Pope John Paul II delivered his speech when he visited the province. Later on, the tower was built in commemoration of his visit. When you climb the watchtower, you’ll be treated with a good view of the baywalk near the pier. For an added romance, bring your girl during sunset and enjoy an evening you’ll never forget.

9. Go camping or glamping, send a bunch of roses at her doorstep, or send her a Calea's cake and flowers.


Camp in style this Valentine’s Day at BLOC Camp Site

Image: BLOC Camp Site Facebook page

Our guys got pretty specific, and three options tied the ninth spot. The activity that stood out from the rest is camping or glamping. Glamping means glamorous camping, wherein the usual tents that we know are decked out with fluffy pillows and colorful sheets. It is now a popular trend not just for the barkada but for couples too, to enjoy some quality time together while enjoying nature.

What’s more, your girl will be happy with all the Instagram-able pictures that she’ll be taking home. Check out Nurture Wellness Village in Tagaytay or BLOC Camp Site in Cavinti, Laguna to get you started. Other ideas that made the list are sending a bunch of roses at her doorstep and sending her a Calea’s cake and flowers. Calea is a pastry shop in Bacolod that is worth a try and will make your girl smile.

8. Dine out at Punong Gary or Hilltop Restobar, go island hopping, or take her to beautiful places in your hometown.


Got an adventurous girlfriend? Go island hopping and create memories that will last forever!

Plenty of options grabbed the eighth spot, but the activity that steered away from the ordinary is island hopping. It may not be the most romantic activity of all time, but if you and your special someone are adventurous, ditch the cheesy candlelight dinner date and explore the beauty of the Philippines. You can also take her to the beautiful places in your hometown. Seek the thrill and discover the city that you grew up in.

Alternatively, you may go for a lunch out at Punong Gary, an open-spaced restaurant in Silay City, or dinner at Hilltop Restobar, a secluded cabin-inspired restaurant in Murcia, Negros Occidental.

7. Stay at L’Fisher Chalet, have a romantic dinner at a viewing deck, or surprise her with a gift.


Make her say, “I love view!”

Every girl has a different love language, and some girls feel appreciated when they are given gifts! Make her feel extra special by surprising her with a gift (maybe a new set of paint for artists or a couple of books from her favorite author if she’s a bookworm) instead of giving her the usual V-day gifts like heart-shaped pillows. Another idea is a romantic dinner at a viewing deck, and then a night at L’Fisher Chalet, a modern hotel in Bacolod.

6. Pamper her with salon treatments.

island hopping

Make your girl feel loved by treating her to a makeover!

Guys know that women spend more than an hour getting dolled up for their boyfriends. This V-day, you can pamper her by sending her to a salon, so this time, professionals can take care of her looks. A new haircut or color will boost her confidence and make her glam and ready for the date night!

5. Cook her favorite food.


Show your hidden talents and cook a specialty for your loved one.

Halfway on our list is cooking your special someone’s favorite food. Although we’ve heard time and again that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, studies show that it’s also a great way to a woman’s heart too! Instead of treating her to a fancy meal outside, it seems that staying at home and cooking for your girl is much more romantic and kilig-worthy. Make your night special by lighting up some candles and playing all your favorite songs while you share your meal.

4. Book a staycation.

Valentine's Day

Level up the romance and book a staycation with your special someone.

On our number four is booking a staycation. Staycations are perfect for couples who are on a budget but still want to make their V-day special and memorable. Who says you need to go too far just to enjoy each other’s company? There are now plenty of boutique hotels in our country that are easy on the pocket but will give you a luxurious experience. Aside from enjoying the hotel services, you could also book a spa appointment so you could relax together or go for a late-night swim.

3. Take her to the movies.

men love to do for their special ones

Make your date night a movie night this Valentine’s Day.

On our third spot is taking your special someone to the movies. Movies are a very cheap and easy gesture to treat your loved one, but it can be romantic too! The dimmed lights, your arms wrapped around each other, plus the rom-com you will be watching will make all the difference. Don’t miss the dinner after the movie so you’ll have plenty of time to talk with each other.

2. Walk her home


Spend extra time together and walk her home.

Walking her home made it to the top two. Sometimes the sweetest gesture can be the most subtle one too. After all the effects and the surprises men prepare on Valentine’s, nothing compares to a guy who walks his loved ones home to make sure they are safe. A long walk home also gives you the perfect time to talk about things without the fear of eavesdroppers.

1. Send her flowers and chocolates.


Chocolates and flowers are still the best for V-day!

Lastly, the survey hailed sending flowers and chocolates the winner. Apparently, nothing beats the classic. The old-school way of making a girl swoon is still worth a try even in this modern day and age. Surprise your girl by sending her flowers and chocolates at home when she least expects it or go the extra mile and send it to her office! Sure she’ll be ill at ease, but deep inside she’ll be gushing over it with her coworkers.

Results are based on the Top 10 Favorite Things Men Love to Do for Their Special Ones Poll posted at the home page of ShoppersGuide.com.ph from January 30 to February 3, 2017.

This article was originally published in Yoorekka on February 12, 2017
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