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5 Reasons You’ll Love This Gift Shop in Boracay Selling Charming Handmade Accessories

Summertide Boutique offers handmade jewelry for only PhP100 and below!

By: Mira Maestrecampo | December 09, 2022
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Summertide Boutique, handmade accessories in Boracay, shops in Boracay

All accessories have cute and charming designs at low prices, making you buy more from this boutique shop in Boracay.

Images: Summertide Facebook page

Boracay is a place that requires your best outfit of the day (OOTD) and best swimsuits to roam around the island. Shopping may be the last activity on your list in Boracay, but it is still essential when you go to the island. Tourists might be intimidated to purchase more from shops in Boracay because it might be a little hard on the pocket. Still, thankfully, this gift store and boutique that sells handmade accessories in Boracay is your ultimate go-to place for the best and most affordable accessories to complement your bikinis and outfits while on a getaway on the pristine island.

Cop your beach accessories for not more than PhP100 at Summertide Boutique, where Yoorekka convinces you why this shop is a must-see:

1. You can shop accessories from Summertide at their online stores!

Summertide Boutique – Handmade Accessories in Boracay –, Summertide Boutique

The all-time favorite Round Evil Eye necklaces are only PhP60 and are also available in teardrop-shaped designs.

Images: Summertide. Facebook page

Be the most stylish when you wear these eccentric pieces from Summertide in Boracay Island! More than just the various designs and jewelry pieces, you can have something to accentuate your beach outfits in Boracay. Summertide Boutique opened this January 2022, with good reviews sprawling not just in Boracay but around the Philippines because of the affordability and quality of their accessories and gift items. The shop is available in Boracay Island and caters to online orders through its Instagram, Shopee, and TikTok Shop accounts.

2. Items and products are handmade, with many designs.

Summertide Boutique – Handmade Accessories in Boracay –, handmade accessories in Boracay

Some bracelet designs are made from shells and rocks, the best pair for your beach-themed outfits in Boracay.

Images: Summertide. Facebook page

Summertide Boutique offers purely handmade jewelry items, which makes this gift store in Boracay unique compared to other accessories and jewelry boutique shops in Boracay. This shop in Boracay sells necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, anklets, and any kind of accessory that would add flair to your overall look in Boracay. You can choose from many arrays of designs—minimalist, cartoon designs, Y2k aesthetic-themed rings, adjustable anklets and necklaces, butterfly designs, handmade jewelry made of shells, and more. Any look would fit any beach outfit, and the jewelry items are unisex and fit all genders! Skip the plain and boring OOTDs and style your way to Boracay with head-turning outfits and accessories.

3. Accessories are below PhP100!

Summertide Boutique – Handmade Accessories in Boracay –, shops in Boracay

The designs come with an enticing price, so prepare for a “budol” in Boracay when you stumble upon this shop.

Images: Summertide. Facebook page

Now you can upgrade your beach outfits for no more than PhP100. These jewelry pieces from Summertide Boutique range from tiny earrings to large-sized necklaces that are relatively affordable and would come in handy with your budget, especially when you are on a getaway in Boracay. Knowingly, food and expenses in Boracay are slightly more expensive than usual, and this gift store in Boracay would be a scarce find on the island, especially for the accessory lovers out there.

4. You can buy their items as souvenirs or gifts for your friends and loved ones back home.

Summertide Boutique – Handmade Accessories in Boracay –, Summertide Boutique

If you are more into colorful and fun, Summertide also has bright-colored necklaces that only start at PhP40 each!

Images: Summertide. Facebook page

More than a boutique jewelry shop, Summertide is a souvenir shop in Boracay that won’t hurt your pocket if you bring souvenirs for all your barkadas (friends) from different cliques or groups. Another nice thing about Summertide Boutique is that you won’t need to go far to buy souvenir items for your friends back home because these handmade accessories in Boracay also serve as perfect souvenir finds. Take, for instance, the cute silver rings, which are only sold at three pieces for PhP50. These make it a rare and affordable gift find that you can conveniently bring back home as a Boracay souvenir.

5. You can be an advocate for supporting local businesses

Summertide Boutique – Handmade Accessories in Boracay –, handmade accessories in Boracay

Accessories are available in minimalist and Y2k designs to fit any beach outfit.

Images: Summertide. Facebook page

Support a Filipino business owner when you buy handmade accessories in Boracay from Summertide Boutique. Other than the fascinating, handcrafted designs, purchasing from this shop online and physically in Boracay is one of the many ways to show support to a Filipino business owner selling local products at affordable prices. What is also good about this accessory shop and gift store in Boracay is that the quality of the jewelry items is not compromised by its affordable price. This is a scarce find in Boracay, indeed!

Location: Serina’s Boutique beside Starbucks, Front Beach, Station 1, Boracay
Operating Hours: 10:00 AM to 9:30 PM
Price Range: PhP40 to PhP100
Shopee Link:

Fashion is often an underrated element when taking a trip to the beautiful island of Boracay when it should be essential! Prepping up for the best beach outfits and buying swimsuits and bikinis for a trip to Boracay should be embellished with fancy accessories that suit your style and maximize your budget—and that’s what you can find at Summertide Boutique.

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