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Group Activities in Boracay You and Your Officemates Will Enjoy

Bond with your workmates through these team building games and activities in Boracay!

By: Karen Bermejo | March 13, 2019
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group activities Boracay

Boracay can be the perfect setting for a work outing!

Despite the closure, Boracay is back in business like it never left. From the long Christmas holiday through New Year, and up until the long weekend vacations, people have steadily flocked to the island’s white sand beaches and have gone back to their ways: either enjoying the sun while lounging at the beach or engaging in the trademark team building and group activities of Boracay.

And the hype never ceases to reel people in, because Boracay is chock-full of games and activities for groups within its stations. Taking the time off to bond with buddies from work? There’s definitely a plan everyone can agree on. To help you out, here are seven fantastic ideas for group activities in Boracay to help strengthen the bond of your team.

1. Go island hopping!

team building

Island hopping tours are especially perfect for big groups.

Image: Boracay Adventures

Island hopping usually lasts for five to seven hours, and when you spend that much time in such a gorgeous environment, it would not be difficult to form a bond with your workmates. The activity usually starts at 9AM when guests are fetched from either Station 1 or 3. Onboard an outrigger boat, you will be sailing around the waters of Boracay, with stops in some islets surrounding the island. During these stops, your team can do snorkeling or try cliff jumping. The island hopping activity (P1,200 per person) also includes a sumptuous buffet lunch by the beach.

2. Experience the island’s famous water sports!

team building games

Increase your adrenaline by trying the famous water sports in Boracay.

Image: Karen Bermejo

Next to island hopping, water sports are also popular on the island. There are a number of activities that can be done by groups. The simplest and is the banana boat ride (400/person), which can fit up to 10 people in one ride. If your team is a little more adventurous, you can also do helmet dives (P1000/pax) together. During a helmet dive, you will need to wear a helmet made of a glass plate that will allow you to breathe underwater. This will also allow you to walk on the sea floor and have a group photo with the beautiful fishes, a memory your team will surely treasure.

3. Create an adventure-filled amazing race!

team building activities

Doing an amazing race may require lots of running, so be prepared!

Amazing race, taken from a popular TV show with groups of people working together to complete a task, has been a customary team-building activity. When on a beach, the activity takes on a different intensity altogether. The White Beach can be a little crowded, especially during summer months, so it’s important that you choose to do the race in less crowded areas like at the end of Station 1 or 3. You can also opt for a less crowded beach like Puka and Ilig-Iligan, which are on the northern part of the island. You just need to coordinate with your hotel or ask someone to make sure your activities are within the rules of the local task force.

4. Go on a food trip with your team!

team games

Have a diverse gastronomic experience with your group.

Image: Los Indios Bravos

A good banquet is always a good thing to share with your team. Surrounded by hundreds of restaurants, you shouldn’t leave the island without having a gastronomic experience. There are numerous restaurants that serve specialty menus like Subo, for traditional Filipino dishes; Aria, for Italian cuisine; and Dos Mestizos for Spanish offerings. There are also homegrown places like Nigi Nigi Nu Noos Restaurant that have served generations of tourists on the island. To truly get a taste of the island’s offerings, book a different Boracay restaurant for each meal.

5. Try reverse bungee with your team!


Get your adrenaline pumping with this extreme activity.

Image: GMAX Boracay

After the water experience, your team could also go up in the air, literally. Yes, you can do it by trying the reverse bungee (PhP1,500) at GMax Boracay at the beachfront Paradise Garden Resort and Convention Center. Reverse bungee is done by pair or in threes, and usually lasts for 10 to 15 minutes. It’s not for the faint-hearted though, and the moral support from your team will surely aid you as you go up into the air.

6. Play some beach sports!

group activities Boracay

Get sweaty and sandy with your teammates by playing beach sports under the sun!

Image: The Travel Shop

When it comes to building a strong bond as a team, sports is also one proven way to it. When in Boracay, engaging in beach sports is surely a must. The most common and easiest team sport that can be done at the White Beach is beach soccer. All you need to have is a beach soccer ball and a makeshift goal. Another sport your team can try is Frisbee, which only requires a disc..

7. Have a relaxing massage together!

team building

Your team can surely use a relaxing spa amidst the hectic work days.

Following the physically tiring days, a relaxing massage in Boracay is the best way to cap off your team building activity. A spa session can help relax your tired muscles and can also help relieve your minds as you go back to work. Since spas are usually fully booked, it is better to book ahead for the whole team so you can go together on the same schedule. There are a number of stand-alone spas on the island which cater to large groups. You can also try to book at your resort spa or have hotel service in your own room.

A team that has a strong bond is a strong asset for a company. After all, the success of the company also lies in its people. So it is really best to have a regular team building activity for your group. Doing it on a beach would surely make it more fun.

To read more about the things to do in Boracay, Check out our Boracay and Panay Island section of the Yoorekka Magazine.

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