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9 Sunny Back Up Ideas When It Rains on Your Vacation

Use the unruly weather to your advantage with these rainy vacation ideas!

By: Patricia Marie Prado | July 25, 2018
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what to do on a rainy day vacation

Don’t let the rainy weather dampen your vacation spirits.

For many of us, traveling is a luxury. Regardless if it’s a local beach or a new country, we save up for months just so we can make the most out of our trip and even plan our whole year around it. So imagine reaching your dream destination and finding out that it’s raining! Your well-planned itinerary goes down the drain, so as your well-curated daily OOTD because of that rainy beach.

But before you sulk inside your hotel room, you can still get the most of your rainy vacation. Read on some of the things you can do on a rainy vacation.

1. Accept and enjoy the rain

what to do on a rainy day vacation

Grab an umbrella and a camera and roam around!

There’s no fighting the bad weather so why not just enjoy it. Although swimming while raining is not a good idea, you can roam around your resort or hotel instead. Grab your camera and do a mini photo walk and appreciate its beauty during a rainy day. You can also drive around town, find a good café, and enjoy the local crowd even while raining instead of just staying inside your room.

2. Stay inside and maximize your accommodation

what to do on a rainy day vacation

Order in and enjoy your room for one whole day.

If the rain is too strong and stepping outside of your hotel is out of the question, maximize your room instead. Accommodations don’t come cheap so why not make the most of it! Open the air-conditioning system, cover yourself with thick comforters, and watch movies on your room’s huge TV screen. You can also call room service and enjoy your meal inside your room while watching instead of heading out.

3. Play games with your friends or family

what to do on a rainy day vacation

Ditch the beach and play indoor games when it rains during your trip.

Another thing you can also do when it rains during your vacation is playing games with your family and friends. Ask the staff at your hotel or resort if they have any recreational areas or children’s room that you and your group can use while you’re waiting for the storm to subside.

If board games or billiard tables are not available, you and your group can make up your own rules and make your hotel your own playground! Playing games with your family or friends is a great stress reliever and also boosts creativity and energy.

4. Go on a food trip!

what to do on a rainy day vacation

Open up your taste buds and taste what the city you’re visiting has to offer.

Although we obviously come for the tourist attractions whenever we travel, some people often overlook the food that a particular city or a country has to offer. If the bad weather still persists, change your plans from a beach day to a food crawl instead.

You can start with your resort or hotel and sample the local delicacies at their in-house restaurant. If you can still go outside, walk around the city and visit well-known streets or night market, and go on a food trip. You can also research famous local restaurants around the area and taste what they have to offer.

5. Go out and meet other people

what to do on a rainy day vacation

Step outside your room and get to know the people around you.

If you happen to travel alone, why not use the rainy day to meet other people instead. You’re probably not the only one who doesn’t have anything to do because of the rain. Might as well go out of your room, and find other people in your hotel or resort to talk to. Visit communal areas like your hotel’s in-house restaurant or recreational area and start a conversation with other travelers. If you’re brave enough you can also walk around the city you’re visiting and meet locals although caution should still be applied.

6. Have a spa day

what to do on a rainy day vacation

Forget the stress brought by the unruly weather and have a massage.

Missing your planned activities because of the bad weather sure is stressful but you can combat that feeling and spend the day at your hotel or resort spa instead. Spend a couple of minutes at the sauna or steam room and allow your body to relax. Make sure to also schedule an hour of massage or two at your hotel’s in-house therapist.

Both the sauna and massage are known to have mental and physical benefits including reducing body pain and improving its healing process. Not only is it relaxing but it can also be a great bonding activity if you’re traveling with a friend or a loved one.

7. Visit a local museum

what to do on a rainy day vacation

Stay dry and be entertained for hours by visiting a local museum.

Visiting local indoor attractions such as museums is also great activities on a rainy day. Museums make your travel more interesting as it gives you a glimpse of the history and culture of the place you are visiting. Here you’ll see interesting artifacts, timeless photographs, and incredible information about the city you’re visiting that are not easily available on the Internet.

By visiting a museum, you’re also helping the local community. Your entrance fee and the products that you buy at the gift shop helps the museum run and be enjoyed by future generations.

8. Spend a day at the local market

what to do on a rainy day vacation

Shop to your heart’s content and interact with the locals amid the rain.

If you’re not done with your souvenir shopping yet, why not spend the day at the local mall or market. Most of us hurry whenever we shop during a vacation, so why not use the rainy day as an excuse to spend countless of hours shopping. Skip the usual keychains and magnets and spend your time looking for unique trinkets or artworks that’ll remind you for years of your trip.

More than just collecting souvenirs, shopping at local markets is also a great way to interact with the locals, help their businesses, and discover their culture and way of life.

9. Party the night away

what to do on a rainy day vacation

Don’t let the rain dampen your spirit and party the night away.

Lastly, if the day has passed and the rain is still nowhere done, head out and just party the night away. Check the local bars around your area and see what the city’s nightlife has to offer. You can go to a local club and dance the rain away, or pick a nice speakeasy bar and enjoy a drink or two with your friends.

Partying is a great de-stressor, especially if you weren’t able to follow your plans and wear all your OOTDs for your trip because of the weather. Clubs and bars are also great places for socializing and meeting new people.

The rainy weather might have ruined your vacation but there’s still hope to make your trip memorable. Let us know in the comments section which activity you love doing whenever it rains during your vacation.

Visit Yoorekka to learn more tips on things to do on a rainy vacation!

Stay safe as you travel! Make sure to follow social distancing protocols and observe health precautions wherever you go. Have a great trip!

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